DART Underground Railway order + Inchicore Works Framework Plan

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Alan C06/07/2010http://www.dartundergroundrailwayorder.ie/
The Railyway Order is available now online.
This includes an Area Framework Plan for the Inchicore Works Site.

I have to say I am very unimpressed with the Framework plan, this massive site is over 1km from Inchicore Village and the only way to get into it for the 1,000's of people that will be living or working there is on foot/bike or underground on the DART.
They were relying on the Lucan Luas to proovide a single stop for the site, but the Lucan LUAS is about to be officially scrapped, an having just one stop was inadequate anyway.
Not a single bus stop or route for the whole site, obviously Dublin Bus dont trust Irish Rail any more than the Comptroller and Auditer General! No working relationship there I guess.
And there is hardly any road access to the massive site so they couldnt even include parking in the plan if they wanted.

And they are a public transport company! There is nothing Urban about that kind of plan at all, its far too isolated.
It also detracts from the plans to regenerate Inchicore Village and St Michaels Estate.

I think they should have a twin station: Inchicore Works and Inchcore Village and develop the hub together, you could then have parking QBC's access to the N4/M50 etc etc, and both areas would mutually benefit.
thats my new soap-box anyway...
Alan C09/07/2010I have been looking through this report and have come across something interesting:

The station locations and alingments for the DART underground were chosen based on the following criteria:
From Chapter (Main EIS report)
Station location selection was broadly based on the following criteria:
-Connectivity with other public transport nodes.
-Interchange with existing stations.
-Proximity to business hubs, shopping districts and tourist areas.
-It was determined that the approximate spacing of stations should be in the region of 1 km apart and within 5-7 minutes walking time to the river.

This was done in Phase 1 of the project, and after this is was decided to extend the length of the tunnel by 40% to go to Inchicore Works.
They dont seem to have used the same principles along this seciton of the route.

I seems that they used different standards West of Heuston putting this are at a disadvantage and the only reason for this is because this section was added on after the station and alignment evaluation.

This is a Major error in my view, as using the avove criteria, it would be sensible to properly and fully consider an ADDITIONAL station between Heuston and Inchicore Works (at 2.4km apart) and the Ideal location to consider would be Memorial Road as it in within the bounds of Inchciore Village and also the historic part of Kilmainham fulfilling the criteria!

It seems to me that West of Heuston has been disadvantaged and is missing out on an extra station!