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Paul03/07/2010The local branch of Fine Gael asked me to remove what they felt was a hurtful reference to Enda Kenny in the previous title of this thread.

After consideration, I have agreed to remove the offending word.

Because I don't have the ability to amend forum posts, only to delete them, I am copy and pasting all the earlier messages in this thread below.

Paul Cullen, moderator

Judi 17/06/2010 According to the Irish Times Catherine Byrne TD is firmly supporting Enda Kenny as FG Leader!
I think Catherine should cop-on and support the views of the voters and get rid of Kenny, the public don't want him as next Tasoiseach.

Cop-on Catherine do you're duty!
Peter McDonagh 17/06/2010 There was a post on yesterday about the same thing. But the title was different; the title yesterday was "Local Politics". Yesterday's post also contained a link to an Irish Times blog.

Judi, how did you change the content and title of your post on ?

Perhaps Judi you are an administrator of the website ?
Peter McDonagh 17/06/2010 This is the link to the message that was previously posted on the 16/06/2010:

The content of the message of the 16/06/10 has dissappeared and been replaced by Judi's new message of the 17/06/10.

Very odd indeed.

Luckily google has a webcache so we can reconstruct some of message of the 16/06/10.

Type " enda kenny" into google you see the following portion of the message is cached under
"Judi, 16/06/2010, Getting rid of Enda Kenny is just what this country needs at the moment, nobody likes him and very few want him as the next taoiseach. ..."

Type " catherine byrne" to to google you see the following portion of the message is cached under
"16 Jun 2010 ... Politics: Enda Kenny and Catherine Byrne should cop on ... According to the Irish Times Catherine Byrne TD is firmly supporting Kenny! ..."

Judi, How did you delete the content of the message that you posted on the 16/06/2010. Are you an administrator on Judi?
Judi 17/06/2010 Hi Peter, no I'm not.
The post from yesterday was deleted, I presume by whoever runs this site. I thought it was a bit unfair to delete as surely as public figures we are all entitled to talk about them?
The should have thick skin if they are in a job like that anyway.

So I hope that solve the mystery.
They are still a bunch of gobshites and this drama will go on for another while!...
Judi 17/06/2010 So Peter what do you think of the gobshites? Are happy to have Kenny lined up to run the coutry?

And btw, if I was an administrator I would have deleted most of the shite u post on here already ;)
Daithi 23/06/2010 judi ... i wouldn't believe everything you hear in the papers. i'm not fine gael supporter, but catherine byrne is the only TD i have heard from since been elected. for balance it's worth considering who the other TDs in the DED are supporting. For example, Micheal Mulcahy (FF) supports Brian Cowen...
Judi 24/06/2010 Daithi I hear what you're saying and I agree that Catherine does a lot for Inchicore and environs. But I would find it hard to vote for her if she is backing Enda Kenny, I would prefer someone with more vision to represent me in Dail Eireann hopefully there will be a better candidate next time!
Terry 25/06/2010 Catherine is committed to the parish of Inchicore, and supports issues that she personally believes in.She finds it hard to represent groups or schools in the area whose ethos is not similar to her own.Lacks any real intellect to promote change, is really only effective as a Councillor.Her limitations are seldom exposed by her Party, so that is why you never see her on prime time or Vincent Browne etc...Credit must be given in that she has a working class background, entered politics late, however has fallen into the trap of nepotism by allowing allowing her daughter to take her seat on city council.Will retain her seat at the next election.
aegeus 30/06/2010 wowee!!!! what a small minded attempt at character assassination. Catherine only Dublin South Central TD to speak on Civil partnership Bill in its first stage. Very active on getting multi-denominational primary school for inner city. Maybe you should work on facts rather than fiction.
LH 30/06/2010 Yep. It's an outrageous attack on the good name of Catherine Byrne. The operators of might find themselves being sued for defamation if they are not careful about what they allow to be written by people on this website.
judi 30/06/2010 Calm down LH, as a public representative we are entitled to have public views and discussions. People are just expressing their opinion.
I happen to think that Catherine is useless and is part of the problem that Inchicore suffers i.e. lack of vision and leadership.
She made an excellent councilor but as a TD she is useless at effecting policy change to benefit the area and provides very little leadership in the wider community.

We would be much better served by someone with a bit of vision and with a business background that can get people off the backsides and make a difference to the area. Thats real leadership and it's severely lacking in this community.

aegeus 01/07/2010 Catherine Byrne TD appointed to Enda Kenny's new front bench and Spokesperson on Older People.