Will lovely new Playground survive teenage morons?

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Lenni22/06/2010I visited the new playground with my child this evening. Its looking really well and a very nice job done on it. My little child was thrilled with it. I am aware how badly needed this playground is and how very long it took to get for the area so it wasn't long before my blood was starting to boil at a few teenage morons. Two skanger teenage girls and their skanger teenage male pal were on the circular rope swing, the lot of them on it together at once. They were far too old for the playground and too heavy for the swing they were all on. I couldn't help myself so I asked them how old they were and the boy said 14 but I'd say the girls were about 15. I told them to get off the swing as they were too heavy for it and that playground has been badly needed for years and could do without being broken by them on day 1. Off they went to the other side of the park just outside the playground area and when I looked I noticed them drinking bottles of cider - Nice! I'm sure they will be back with their black markers for a bit of graffitti in no time. Soon after along came another group of teenage boys, younger and not rough like previous group but they were also hanging out of the little kiddy swing...the one like a car seat with straps for the very small kids. Again I had to say something.....Suddenly I felt like a right nag turned play ground police! But it seriously pissed me off. There is no age limit on the sign outside. It should be 10 and under only....Age 12 at the very max.

Final Gripe of the day....there is no litter bin in the playground area and already on Day 1 there was a serious amount of litter. Although ideally kids should be educated to not throw litter unfortunately in reality this does not happen especially in Inchicore so the playground could really do with a litter bin to keep it looking nice. Think I will call Dublin Parks tomorrow to see if they can provide a bin and put up some kind of age restriction sign. I've seen it done in other playgrounds. Otherwise it will be destroyed in a very short time which I would hate to see happening after all the effort that has gone into it.
Paul22/06/2010The new playground was fabulous today and heavily used but like you, I would worry.

I'll get onto the Bruce in the local council office about a) policing arrangements and a method of alerting the authorities about any trouble b) a litter bin and c) opening hours. I'll post the answers I get when they come in...
Mary Mc22/06/2010I think the playground is great and well done to all involved. However my daughter was at the opening and they said it catered for children from 1 to 15.
There is one piece of equipment for 15 yr olds, which I think is wrong. I think it should only be for 1-10 or 1-12 at most.
lenni22/06/2010That would be great if you could Paul. I, along with other parents I'm sure, would hate to see the beautiful new playground ruined. Thanks for keeping me posted.