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Mary Mc20/06/2010Does anyone know what is happening regarding the 19 Bus? A flyer went round from our local TD saying it may be terminated, but we haven't heard anything more.
Alan C22/06/2010Dublin Bus are reviewing their entire network. They are doing this in Phases and they have two aims, one is to cutback on services by removing 100 buses from the streets and the other is it improve the remaining services supposedly to become more direct.
They are calling this review "Network Direct" the idea being that by making routes more efficient they can move more people with less buses thereby minimising the impact of removing 100 buses from the streets.

The are consulting with local groups before making decisions for each phase, and our local TD's and councillors will be representing the area in this consultation.
A decision on the 19 bus has not yet been made, but as it and extremely inefficient route it would seem likely that it will be one of the more likely routes to be chopped.
you should contact your local representative or Dublin Bus directly if you wish to be involved in this consultation process.
And this goes for all of the Bus Routes, as ALL of them will be reviewed.
Mary Mc22/06/2010Jo, I use it every morning and evening to go to work, that is why I am worried it might be cut. I have to go to Kelly's Corner ever day. It is vital to me.
Judi23/06/2010Mary would there be many on the bus in the mornings and evenings?
I've been on it a few times and it's probably the slowest possable route to get accross town, it would be wuicker to get 2 buses to bring you to Kelly's corner?
AP23/06/2010I hope that this route does not get axed. I use it for accessing the camden street area and rathmines without having to go all the way to dame street on the other bus routes. This is a handy route for students of inchicore college also.
Ms.X24/06/2010They diverted the 79A two years ago which meant that it didn't go past the CIE works or Kilmainham Jail etc. I got this bus every day and it or the 79 came every 10 mins. Now the service is much reduced. By the time I heard about it (a flyer on the bus) it was a done deal. Even though I tried to get it reversed nothing was done. I gather serious lobbying was done by those on the Ballyfermot end of the route to get the bus routed past traffic (their view) and residential areas, tourist attractions and hotels (my view) . Get in there early with your objections is my advice.
LH25/06/2010It was disgraceful that there was no consultation with the Inchicore and Kilmainham customers about the 79 bus before the 79a was routed away from the residential areas and onto the dual carriageway.

We should fight to keep the 19 bus. It is a good bus service for Bulfin and St. Michael's Estate (whenever it gets rebuilt). I'd encourage people to write to dublin bus and to all your politicians.
Mary Mc26/06/2010I have heard that the 19 bus route is already a done deal. I believe it will be replace with the 123, but not every 123 will come to Bulfin Rd. A lot of people use the 19 to get to the Adelaide Hosp and some people have doctors on Sth Circular Rd and also for Mass in Whitefriars St. I think this is a disgrace but it was too late when people heard about it.
Jo26/06/2010I got a reply back from Dublin Bus saying it was being reviewed, but that no decisions had been made, and there would be public consultations. Public consultations can be a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted - those of us who use and value the 19 should let our representatives know, and everyone should email Dublin Bus with their concerns.
Mary Mc18/07/2010Got another flyer from a TD saying that the 19 bus will no longer serve the Bulfin area and Sth Circular Rd,this will not happen until early 2011. It is proposed the 123 will divert through Bulfin and down through James's Hosp. I think we all have to campaign to keep the 19 bus