Scoil Mhuire gan smal or Gaelscoile?

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lenni18/06/2010Anyone with kids in Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal? If so, do you think its a good school? Thinking of sending my child there. Its that or send to Gaelscoile but my personal preference would be to send to English speaking national school. SMGS looks fine. Would be interested to hear any other parents experience with this school, good or bad. Many thanks.
Graham24/06/2010SMGS is a great school. Our son has been there and we've had an excellent experience. The principal, Ms. O'Mahony is really good and helpful and as a disadvantaged school, it gets alot of support. I've never noticed any bullying. I'm sure other parents would say the same thing.
Terry24/06/2010GaelScoil is a school where people who wish to have their children taught through the median of our national language, and it really is unfair for people to compare it to English speaking schools.Worth mentioning that it has a longer waiting list than all the "English" schools in the area.
lenni26/06/2010Thanks Graham. I was just keen to hear some feedback from parents.

I know Gaelscoile has great reputation but from a personal choice as parents we feel we would be better able to help our child with his homework etc through English Terry.

I have heard the pricinipal in SMGS is good before. What kind of extra curicular activities do they do Graham and when you say it gets help as 'disadvantaged area' school, what kind of things do you mean? Just interested to know.
Many thanks.
Graham01/07/2010Sorry for taking so long to reply and also for causing offence to anyone who sends their kids to the Gaelscoile. Everyone I know who sends their kids to the Gaelscoile couldn't be happier, so I didn't mean any unfavourable comparison at all. Regarding SMGS, after school activities include basketball and perhaps other stuff, although you should ask the principal for the full list and for which ages. Although the current economic situation may have changed this, the supports the school received for disadvantage seemed to include free lunches (sandwiches and fruit), extra access to psychological services, including diagnosis of learning difficulties, small group teaching involving kids being pulled out of class for both remedial and advanced work, and little things like access to particular summer soccer camps at very low prices. This is probably true of most of the schools in the area, since most are classified as disadvantaged.
AJ02/07/2010I have a child in the Gaelscoil and have mixed feelings. Overall, it's a small, friendly school and I love the site in the park, which is especially lovely in the spring. But at times the school can seem disorganised and is poor at communications, at least in my experience.
Lenni02/07/2010Thanks for all the feedback Graham and AJ. Its such a difficult decision to make.

I just can't see any problem with SMGS and when I enrolled my child the Principal was so nice and I've had a look at the website and it looks like grand little school but I haven't found many local people around who's kids go there. For some reason their kids seem to be sent anywhere but Scoil Mhuire gan Smal which makes me a bit worried to be perfectly honest.....did the school ever have a reputation for being a bit rough or something? Or are there a lot of kids with social problems there?

I'm not originally from the area so I don't know. Only one neighbour I know of sends her kids there are she maintains its a fantastic school and I trust her judgement. SMGS looks fine to me but I just want to be sure before I send my child any parent would be. Thanks again.
Graham02/07/2010It is a big decision. We're not from the area (or even Ireland) either, so can't speak about the distant past, but we haven't heard anything bad about the school or the students. Some of the kids have faced some tough problems, I'm sure, but all the ones I've encountered--which is quite a few--are just lovely, smart and welcoming children and their parents are very nice and welcoming too. So even though some of the families may have had hard times, the kids themselves don't seem to manifest any 'social problems'. The school is fairly diverse in a variety of ways, including plenty of people from Poland and other places all of whom get along great. It's a tough decision, but if the first choice you make doesn't work out, it is possible to change. While I'm pushing the Oblates, I should also mention that the creche there is great too. Anyway, best of luck with your decision.
Lenni02/07/2010Cheers Graham, you've been very helpful.

I think if we are sending our child anywhere in Inchicore to school it will be definately SMGS. As I said, it looks fine and seems progressive. They seem to take a huge interest in the kids and I really like the fact there is a bit of diversity, mixing with kids from other cultures. That is one thing he would probably miss out on if he attended a Gaelscoile as mostly Irish there I'm sure. Its re-assuring to hear some positive feedback from another parent about SMGS.
Helen06/09/2010SMGS is an excellent school. I worked there for a while and I must say it is the best school I ever worked in. They have a very child centred approach and an excellent management team. It is a large school so it gets more funding so it will be less cost to you. I don't know if they still provide breakfast now, but when I was there they provided breakfast for children (cereal, toast, juice and sausages sometimes.)
I put my children into Gaelscoil as Irish is important to me and I wanted children to be fluent. Otherwise they would have gone to SMGS. Good Luck with your choice!
Una23/11/2010Lived on Sth Tce for 15 yrs. Our son went to Scoil Mhuire and loved it. 100% dedication by eveyone working in the school. Ms O' Mahoney was always there to advise guide and support 'her' children.
Graham. I think you bought our house, hope all are well.
jane26/07/2011i wouldnt send my child to the oblates. i went there as a child and was bullied every day of my life by all the local scumbags that go to the school. i have children now myself and i wouldnt send them there for fear of the same thing happening to them.
Lenni14/06/2012I just wanted to update this thread as for any parents who are considering SGMS for their child this September 2012. I know I found it hard to get information when I was trying to make my choice back then and that is why I originally posted on here so maybe I can help someone else now. (By the way I am sure Gaelscoil Inse Chor is a wonderful school. I am not advocating one school over the other, just leaving feedback on SMGS, the school I choose for any own child in the end).
I am delighted to report that my experience with Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal has been a fantastic one to date. The teaching staff I have encountered to date are excellent. Ms O’Mahony, the Principal has a dedicated team of teachers there. I have found their approach to education of the children encouraging, motivating and thoroughly inspiring and the children respond so well, they all love going to school there it seems. They were off to a flying start from day one of Junior Infants and have progressed amazingly. As a parent I find the school so welcoming to all parents, encouraging involvement of parents at all levels. Parents are invited to participate in all aspects of school life and always welcome into the school and classroom. Getting feedback has also been a positive experience. Any queries or questions were always answered straight away. You get the impression that the teaching staff really enjoy their jobs and are all about the kids. I have also been very impressed with all the activities that have gone on in the school throughout the school year. Parents receive a monthly calendar of activities so you are always informed of what is going on. This year there were many events, best of all was the ‘Arts Week’ where the children learned all about art, poetry, photography, acting with visits from actors and even made a CD of each class singing traditional Dublin songs. There was a great ‘Arts Night’ held for parents and kids with a formal exhibition of a piece of each child’s framed artwork and appearances from actors and show by the kids and teachers and some parents.
SMGS is a DEIS school (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) as are many of the schools in the Dublin 8 area and surrounding areas. On a very basic level this means they get additional funding for things such as additional teaching supports. SMGS also provide a breakfast club, lunches etc and generally smaller class sizes than the national average. This type of funding helps SMGS be the fantastic school that it is. I also really like the fact that it has a proper large play yard, assembly Hall with a stage and use of the basketball hall and the park at the rear of the church. For a city school it is great to have all of these facilities for the kids.
Just to acknowledge Jane’s comment re her experience with bullying in her own childhood, I am genuinely sorry to hear that and that should not happen to any child in any school. I do feel that things have progressed at SMGS now I think that behaviour would not be tolerated there today. The kids are taught from day one of Junior Infants about having kindness and respect for each other and it is re-iterated in their daily lives and displayed around the school. Bullying is something that unfortunately rears its ugly head in schools all round the country and the world and not unique to any one school but it should always be treated with seriousness. Prior to taking a place here for my child I did have concerns about the school in case it was in any way rough but I would have had the same concerns for any of the schools in surrounding areas. In all honesty I have found all the children there to be lovely kids. During my child’s time there so far I have been also fortunate to meet a wonderful bunch of parents .
SMGS also has a great website and gives a little insight into all the lovely things that happen in the school. I believe all the places for September 2012 are full up but I know a lot of parents put their child’s name down in many schools before they make their final choice so that is why I just wanted to update this thread in case any feedback was helpful. Best of luck with your choices and hope your little ones settle in well and thrive in whichever school they go.
Graham20/08/2012Thanks for your wonderful post. You say it better than I could, but our experience has been the same. In fact, I think we both have children in the same year. This is not to criticize other schools, simply to highlight what is possible in one small school, even given the times we live in. Una, sorry for the very late reply. We are the people who bought your house and have had a great experience with the community, as well as the school. I hope you are all well too and come back to visit occasionally.
erin19/02/2014Well my child went to the Irish school and she was getting bullied so i took her out and put her in smgs and is very very good school the teachers are really nice