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vawn corrigan12/06/2010hi, I am thinking of teaching a dance class for women in the area and am wandering what venues might be suitable..any suggestions?
Helen12/06/2010The Oblates basketball hall or the Oblate school hall. Fr Michael is the parish Priest and I think Fr Pat Carolan is the man to speak to regarding the basketball hall and Mary O Mahoney is the school principal in the Oblate school. What kind of dancing are you doing?
Mary Mc12/06/2010Vawn, you should try St Michaels Parish Centre, They had salsa dancing in the past and also Irish dancing I think it would be an ideal venue as it is between Kilmainham and Inchicore.
Judi13/06/2010St Michaels Parish Center is a dump, it feels like you are entering the third world when you get to the place, someone should knock it down.

There is a studio in the gym of the Hilton Hotel that you could ask about, far more suitable location.
Mary Mc13/06/2010St Michaels Parish is used for Dancing Competitions, chess competition etc.It may not look the best but I am sure it is cheaper than the Hilton and surely when someone is starting up a class it would be ideal.

Jusi14/06/2010It's a complete dump, it certainly looks cheaper but there would be very good reason for that: it's a kip.
We used it for a residents meeting before and they actually charged as much as the Aisling hotel that had been used for the meetings.
It should be knocked down asap is disgusting.
lenni14/06/2010what about the lovely new sports centre in Inchicore beside old Michaels est flats. They have studio rooms upstairs which might be suitable. Also Inchicore college of further education do dance courses by day so might rent out suitable room by night. They have night courses running so open in evenings but maybe not in Summer.
vawn corrigan17/06/2010thanks so much for those replies, really helpful. I know hilton only let studio use for their staff classes but i will check out the other three venues suggested. Its hard to get something that feels comfortable, clean and warm for women to dance in, am sure will have it sorted by september though. enjoy summer x
vawn corrigan25/06/2010I settled on the brand new studios in the beautiful F2 centre in Fatima, they are really doing great things in there with the arts and were happy to have a new dance class. what a venue!
vee27/10/2010hi, your venue sounds great would be inerested in joining an evening dance or aerobics class any details welcome
vawn corrigan08/11/2010It's only 2 mins fatima luas, the number to call is 014716712 and speak to Nuala. it is really lovely and they seem to have some availability. luck!