Lucan LUAS line consultations

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Alan C 23/05/2010Luas Lucan - Ballyfermot Open Day - 25 May 2010

RPA will hold a public meeting in Liffey Gaels GAA Club, Lower Ballyfermot on the evening of May 25th 2010. Members of the project team will give a presentation outlining the general proposals for this section of Luas Lucan and the factors that determined the proposed routing in this area. After the presentation the RPA project
team will be available to answer questions from the public.

DATE: Tuesday 25th of May
TIME: 7pm
VENUE: Liffey Gaels GAA Club, Lower Ballyfermot
Alan C 23/05/2010This consultation seems to have been arranged to address the concerns and issues raised by the residents of Ballyfermot through their councilors.

The consultations held last month were effectively hijacked by residents of Ballyfermot who went along to voice their concerns. The wish to open up debate on altering the route even though the RPA had not wised to do this.

They have been very successful through the work of their councilors in having the RPA agree to listen to their concerns. And having the meeting arrange alone is a major win for them an opens up the possability of changing this route. They wish it go go all the way through Ballyfermot and continue along the N4 Con Colbert Rd towards Heuston station.

The councellors there have done great work but it seems that they have not consulted with their constituents in Inchicore. I think its time they did and they should hold an open meeting before this RPA consultation.

In the mean time it would be a good idea next week for residents to contact them and ask that their concerns be included when they make representation to the RPA.

As far as I know all they are hoping to achieve at this point is to open up the possability of changing the route to server the whole of Ballyfermot and then go directly to town and specifically not to share track with the red line.

A good turn-out at this meeting of residents of Inchicore would be a good thing if this comes on the agenda.

I hope everyone will make an effort to attend.

John Farrelly24/05/2010In some ways it hard to blame them, the current Red line is very very slow and has too many stops and goes the strangest route to Tallaght none to man, however if the Lucan line was to use the line from Blackhorse to Fatima it would open up a line from Fatima to Trinity College which would be much more direct!
Alan C27/05/2010My understanding is that there is enormous resistance from the residents and businesses on Kylemore Road to routing the Luas line down there.
Almost every person living on the street has objected.
They are requesting that the line be re-routed through lower Ballyfermot, and onto the N4 / Con Colbert Road and on to Heuston.
This would open up services to North Inchciore, Kilmainham/ SCR, Islandbridge, War Memorial Gardens, Royal Hospital and Kilmainham Jail.
It would also, and crucially, knoack about 15 mins off the journey time from Lucan.

This route makes a lot more sense, and it provides the interchange at Heuston instead on the Inchicore Works.

I dont think Inchicore looses out with this plan, and it leave a Luas line running down either side of Inchicore making everyone in the area within walking distance from a stop.
It also opens up proper connection for tourists to visit the areas attractions and could be a real boost to the area.

I think this is a very good idea.
John Farrelly27/05/2010I would definitely support the Ballyfermot residents on this proposal, as long as the lines interchange at some point thats all that matters, the only thing against this is that the original proposal had a line going from Meath street to Trinity College, this would probably not be necessary as once the Lucan Luas interchanged with Tallaght Line at Hueston it would make sense to stay on that line into town, i suppose though you could always change at Hueston if you wanted to go to Stephens Green.
LH27/05/2010Lads were either of ye at the LUAS public consultation this week (the 25th). If so, any chance you could post a message about what was said by RPA and the residents ? I was unable to attend.
Mary27/05/2010Alan C, The undeniable is that the majority of Inchicore Residents will loose access to the LUAS if the LUAS was to be routed along sarsfield Road and the N4 instead of coming through the CIE works and along the canal.

How to you know that almost every person on Kylemore Road in Ballyfermot objected ? Did they all individually confide in you ? Did the bauld Michael Conaghan tell you ? Perhaps you have hacked into the RPA database ?

How do you know that the residents and businesses on Sarsfield Road won't similarly object to the LUAS going along Sarsfield Road ?

Alan C 27/05/2010Mary that's nonsense, there was only one new Luas stop proposed for Inchicore as it was and that was in the CIE works (which wasn't too far from Blackhorse Stop anyway)
The CIE works will get a Dart station so nobody there is loosing out.
The stops along the canal will remain so how can anyone there loose out?
A stop to the North of the CIE estate will provide a Luas service there along the Ballyfermot Proposed route as well as to those on Inchicore Rd islandbridge and the SCR. Inchicore Village could be served by a stop at Memorial Road so Inchicore would actually benefit a lot more form the N4 route.
The way it was being proposed was certainly not a good route for Inchicore.

The Liberties Line (F2), a spur from the Red line at James to Dame street/Trinity is still possible, and actually as likely to happen with either decision, you would probably need it to avoid congestion on the red line from Heuston as well as a way to provide Luas to the Liberties which is a good idea anyway.

As for the objections from Kylemore Road, as I said that's my understanding from what I have been told. It's not exactly a secret that there is major objection there and they are being supported by the whole community.
I have heard that part of their argument is that they have almost every person on the street objecting.
This could be an exaggeration but I'm just sharing what I have heard from people I know.

I sense that you are disappointed that this new route is being considered, I don't understand why, maybe you could share your opinion?
Mary28/05/2010Alan, with the N4 LUAS route you have outlined we in the Tyrconnel Park area and our neighbours in the CIE Estate will be deprived of a new LUAS station and the existing stops at serving Inchicore at Blackhorse, Drimnagh, Gondenbridge and Suir Road will not be serviced by the new LUAS route.

You didn’t answer my question, how do you know that there will not be widespread resistance from the residents and business of Sarsfield Road to a LUAS track being constructed and running along by their houses and businesses?

At least you now admit that there may be some exaggeration by the Kylemore Road residents for the level of support for their objections to the LUAS coming along Kylemore Road.
John Farrelly28/05/2010Mary, most Inchicore residents will not lose out if the Luas is re routed as most of them are already close to a Luas station at Blackhorse to Suir road, the only people this does not serve is people to the North of the village, Kilmainham/Ballyfermot exactly the people who will benefit from a re-routing of the Luas Lucan line.
Alan C28/05/2010Mary, the Luas stop at Blackhorse is about the same distance from Tyrconnell Park as the one the RPA were proposing for the Inchicore Works so you will still have the Luas there.
Not only that you'll also have the DART, what more do you want? Perhaps we could place an airport and shopping center beside you too for your convience.
All of the lines will connect as part of a network so you will be able to access stops in the entire city (airport and liffey Valley) from down the road from you.

I chat on other sites too, mostly about politics and planning in Dublin and there is some excitment about the N4 Luas option, esp from those in Lucan as it would mean a faster service.
The RPA had never looked at this option so it has come as a bit of a surprise, it seems the people in Ballyfermot know more about planning Luas lines than the people in the RPA.

Mary you dont seem too happy about the situation but I think you might be missing the bigger picture, if all this is built you will live within 5 minutes walk of a whole network of transport spanning accross the whole City!
Mary28/05/2010It will take twice as long for us in Tyrconnel Park to walk to the Blackhorse station compared with the new station we were promised in the Cie works. And my friends in Bulfin won't be happy either with your suggestions either. They were promised to be on the Lucan LUAS line - now you want to take it off them !! And what about St. Michael's Estate ? That is supposed to be redevloped. Having the new Lucan LUAS line going along the canal will help getting St. Michael's Estate redeveloped. A LUAS station on the N4 is too for from St. Michael's Estate.
Judi28/05/2010Mary that's an exaggeration, the Blackhorse stop is just as handy.

This just goes to show that you cant please everyone. You are sounding a bit greedy now, you cant be complaining that you and your friend have only one Luas line! Poor Dears! They will all be connected anyway so you don't even have anything to fear, you'll be able to transfer at Heuston and go to Lucan if you wish.

Nothing is decided yet anyway.
Alan C 28/05/2010Mary, time for a few facts.

1. Nobody in the whole country lives within walking distance of 2 Luas lines and the DART, its just unreasonable to expect this amount of infrastructure.

2. The RPA selected the route for the Lucan Luas in 2008, this route did not go through Inchicore, and there were NO additional stops in Inchicore. This IS the current working design (it did share the Red line along the canal)
Inchicore looses out from this.

3. Last month the RPA held consultations on a proposal to add a stop in Inchicore Works (Between Partridge Terrace and Jamestown Rd).

4. Nobody promised this stop, it is just a proposal put to public consultation and not yet the working line design.

5. The proposed Luas stop in the Works is the SAME distance from Tyrconnell Park as Blackhorse Luas stop. (Perhaps you thought this stop would be closer?)
Please check

6. During the public consultations in Inchicore residents from Ballyfermot affectively took over the meeting, the RPA held an extra meeting (last week) to hear their concerns.
A new proposal was put forward to re-route the line through Ballyfermot to the N4 as far as Heuston.
Next month there will be consultations in Lucan where there is growing support for the N4 route.

8. Last but not least, if the Luas is re-routed along the N4 the entire Northern side of Inchicore and Kilmainham as well as Islandbridge and Ballyfermot Lower will gain access to the Luas network.
This is a major benefit for Inchicore.

I'm just sharing what I beleive the situation is, there is absolutely nothing there that will take anything away from you and there is only the potential for community benefit.
Melanie29/05/2010It would be great to have a Luas stop by the Memorial Park, under the new plans.
A much pleasanter and safer walk into Inchicore village and a much quicker route into town.
Paddy 30/05/2010Chaos on the N4 mel ! Not good. Would not be any quicker into the big smoke for the Lucan heads. Would take ages to get along ballyfermot road and sarsfield. Then traffic congestion on the N4. The Lucan people are campaigning to get the dart in the new cie works stop. Dart will be 2 mins trip from inchicore to heuston.
Michael O'Flanagan30/05/2010Paddy, the Luas causes chaos and traffic congestion where ever it goes! It transports less than 5 per cent of the travelling public at peak hour yet it has priority at every junction and intersection. Ever witness the chaos it occasions at Blackhorse bridge causing a blacklog of traffic down Tyrconnell road, Emmet road, Mount Brown and all the way to Christchurch? Ever try to drive through Inchicore at 5pm on a Friday evening? No Paddy, words like “ traffic congestion” and “chaos” are not allowed when you discuss the Luas.
Martin30/05/2010Right on Michael. I shudder to think what bedlam would ensue at the various road major junctions on the N4 between Sarsfield Road and Heuston with a Luas chugging along. Sheer madness.

Melanie: there is NO plan to route the LUAS along the N4. Thank God !!
Melanie31/05/2010Plan was wrong word. I've read this suggestion many times as being the best public transport solution - as opposed to keeping Dublin clogged up and car centric.
Most recently on an architect's forum. subject Luas Line F1.
This does not mean I expect this to happen. Latest plan clearly via Inchicore works and Kylemore Road.

Martin31/05/2010Melanie, Glad you realise that there are no such plans. It should never happen. There would be massive objections if anybody was to seriously propose this. The N4 from Inchicore to Heuston does not have sufficient width for four lanes of traffic, two dedicated QBC lanes and two luas lines. Indeed, the inward bound section of the N4 between islandbridge and heuston only has width for one lane of traffic and a QBC. But even before you hit the N4 the Luas would have to share a road with cars on Ballyfermot Road and Sarsfield Road. It's bound to take the guts of 10 minutes just to get from the Ballyfermot Roundabout to Con Colbert Road/N4. There is also the major road junction with N4 and the SCR at islandbridge to navigate.

The route along the canal will serve Bulfin and St. Michael's Estate very well. The existing track from Blackhorse to St. James is very fast.

I agree with the previous person that the new Luas service along the canal will help with the redevelopment of St. Michael's estate. This is a part of dublin that has been neglected for far too long. The new Luas service along the canal will also be of great for the recently redeveloped Fatima area.
Alan C01/06/2010The reason there is major traffic congestion along the N4 comint to Heuston is simply because a National Primary Route (N4) becomes restricted to a single lane here.
It is not possable to restrict this any further and the addition of luas could not take away any further roadspace from cars. It would simply share the bus lane (which is annoyingly empty)

Traffic congestion in Dublin will only get worse until there is a proper public transport alternative in place, like Luas.

A serious problem that has to be faced here is that if the luas were to take 50 mins to get to the city center from Lucan it would not be a good alternative to the car. IF it took c. 30 mins it would.
The problem with the current RPA proposal is that the approx time is 45 mins, and they are adding a couple of extra stops and minor alterations at the moment wich will bring this clser to a 50 min journey. This is not going to be an attractive alternative to the car.

When we have a fully integrated public transport system you wont need to sit in traffice in your car on the N4 as you will be able to take a tram/DART/Bus.
Also if the Luas Luas is sucessful and can take people from Lucan to city in 30 mins or so, there will actually be less car traffic on the N4 as success=people leaving car at home.
Martin01/06/2010Alan C,

The RPA selected the Route after tons and tons consultation in the last few years.

Under your idea, it would NOT be any quicker for commuters to come from Lucan to the city centre via Sarsfield Road, Con Colbert Road and St. John’s Road West. The RPA have already considered your route and rejected it.

You have suggested that after Heuston, your route would go up Stephen’s Lane and onwards into College Green via James St., Thomas St. and Dame St.

The track from Blackhorse to Fatima is the fastest part of the red line and serves the large populations of Inchicore, Drimnagh, Rialto and Cork Street – so use it !

The journey time from Ballyfermot Village to James St. under the RPA route and your route would be much the same. The RPA route will probably be quicker.

Quite apart from this, your idea causes traffic mayhem. I give you another, of many, examples of how it would cause mayhem: Outbound, between Heuston station and HSQ, there are two lanes of traffic and no QCB. Your Luas line would remove one lane of traffic resulting in massive tailbacks on the Quays.

One of the biggest advantages of the RPA route is that Luas commuters from Lucan and elsewhere on the line will interchange in the Inchicore Works and take the HIGH SPEED dart underground to the City Centre and beyond. The dart journey time from Inchicore to Heuston is 2 minutes ! The dart journey time form Inchicore to all the way to the Docklands is only 12 minutes !
Alan C01/06/2010Martin, the RPA did not consider this route at all, they considered 3 options none of them along the N4, one was down Emmet Road.
It's not actually my idea, but an proposal being put forward by the people of Ballyfermot.
There is no need to loose any traffic lanes on the N4 for this pron to work, as the QBC could easily be shared with LUAS.
The RPA are still working on the final route selection.

I can assure you that a more direct, linear route will be quicker by far.
I don tthink the line will be built at all if it's going to take 50 mins Lucan to CC, which is the current situation. There is no point.

Another clarification, this is Line F1 we are discussing, Lucan to Blackhorse. The suggestion is to change this to Lucan to Heuston, and join up with the red line or Line F2.
F2 is the Liberties line, which is entirely seperate and in the N4 idea could link up to both the RED and N4 line.
So you could go from Blackhorse to Dame street, or blackhorse to Connolly/docklands, or tallaght, but to get to Lucan you would need to change at Heuston.
You could also go from Lucan to Connolly/docklands and Lucan to Dame street all of those journeys being approx 30 mins or so. Anything more and there is no longer a benefit.

Michael O'Flanagan01/06/2010We will have a fully integrated public transport system when hell freezes over. I have attended conferences on public transport for forty years and I have always noticed that those who were most vocal about the use of public transport came by car! At one conference Liam St. John Devlin, chairman of CIE, came by chauffer-driven car. I have almost universally found that those who lecture us about using public transport never use it and have no experience of standing in the rain for an hour for a bus which then arrives over-crowded. Worse still when a bus arrives only to zoom past half empty. This is an everyday experience of Bus Eireann users. During the whole history of the state no public transport has been provided for shift-workers, or night-workers. ( Yes, for those of you don’t know, shift work in factories for the last fifty years often starts at 6am meaning workers must leave home at 5.30am) Never remember seeing a bus at 5.30am! Hence, even the lowly paid must provide their own transport (and don’t give me the bike for shift-workers who have to travel fifteen miles to and from work across the city in the snow) so nearly all factory workers have cars. It will be nice for us in Inchicore ( less than 3 miles from the city centre) to have two Luas lines and the Dart. Hopefully we will get our own airport and a couple of hellipads. Needless to say we must have adequate parking spaces for the cars that we are not going to use. Meanwhile we will urge those young mums in the dormitory towns thirty miles outside of Dublin to walk to the crčche with their children at 6am before queuing for public transport to get to work in the city.
D02/06/2010Thanks perspective Michael.

Alan, you are grossly misstating journey times in an attempt to justify your crazy ideas. Let me expain a few things to you.

1. The existing LUAS red line takes, according to the RPA, 14 Minutes to get from Heuston to Connolly.

2. Under your scheme using the N4 you say that it will take approximately 30 Minutes to take the LUAS from Lucan to Connolly. That means that under your scheme it will take approximately 15 Minutes for the LUAS to get from Lucan to Heuston !! This is nonsense Alan !!!! There is no way in the wide world that the LUAS would take as little as approximately 15 Minutes to get from Lucan to Heuston.

3. The RPA plans of allowing the LUAS connect with the dart underground in Inchicore makes much more sense than your absurd idea of diverting the LUAS away from Inchicore.

4. The only way a LUAS commuter from Lucan could get from Lucan to the City Centre in 30 minutes is to interchange at Inchicore and take the Dart Underground. By the way, the LUAS station in Inchicore will be either 15 metres or 50 metres from the Inchicore Dart Underground station.
John Farrelly02/06/2010D, the Luas from Lucan is meant to go from Trinity College to Lucan not to Connolly but Alan does make some good points, if the Luas to Lucan is going to be as slow as the Luas to Tallaght then it makes no sense to build it at all you can me in Mullingar on IE as fast as you can be in Tallaght, that cant be aloud happen again.
D02/06/2010John, The point I am making is that Alan's route is crazy and absurd.

He is grossly underestimating the journey time for his route.

He makes a grossly misleading statement that it will take the Luas approximately 30 minutes to get from Lucan to Connolly via Heuston. The pain fact of life is that the Luas takes 14 Minutes just to get from Heuston to Connolly.

As has been said already by many more people than me, commuters coming from Lucan on the LUAS will want to interchange at the Inchicore Dart Underground station for a rapid and frequent access to the City Centre.

Alan's route DOES NOT provide seamless access to the Inchicore Dart Underground Station
D02/06/2010John, Yes Lucan Luas was meant to go from Lucan to College Green. But Alan has gotten his crayons out and redrawn the map.

Whether it's Lucan to College Green or Lucan to Docklands there's NO WAY a commuter going to those destinations would want to sit on a LUAS for ages when they could get off the LUAS at Inchicore and get on the Dart Underground.
Alan C02/06/2010D, the Lucan Luas will only be sucessful if people can communte easily from Lucan to the City in 30-35 mins and connect with other modes of transport aswell. This is simply essential to it's sucess. The current RPA plan has the journey time at 45 mins, and they are addition additional stops (including Inchicore Works) and small changes so this is likely to get close to 50 mins. It simply wont be built if this happens because nobody will use it.

Do you really think people in Lucan want to travle about 25 mins on a tram to an industrial estate where they can get off and wait then change to dart to get to town? I dont think so, especially where there are train stations much closer to Lucan. i.e. adamstown which is just up the road.

The Lucan Luas simply wont be built if it is going to take 50 mins to get to town from Lucan, what's the point. They need to alter the route and find one that takes no more than 35 mins, simple as that.
John Farrelly02/06/2010Maybe this might be totally out there but the fact of the matter is that both DART underground and Lucan Luas are serving very similar communities, it is planned that DART trains will go out as far as Hazelhatch so would it not make send to build a spur line from Adamstown to Lucan in the same way as northern DART trains go to Malahide/Howth. I know that some of the route may have to be tunneled but surely it would make more sense to do this (maybe 1-2 miles additional tracks with 2 stations) and use existing resources than build a new Luas line. Am I being totally unrealistic?
D02/06/2010Alan, You haven't answered my criticisms of your claims about journey times.

You have said that under you route it will take approximately 30 minutes for the LUAS to get from Lucan to Connolly/Docklands via Heuston. This is nonsense Alan !!!

The RPA state that it takes 14 Minutes to get from Hueston to Connolly.

Therefore under your route it will take approximately 15 Minutes to get from Lucan to Heuston. This is an impossibility Alan !!!
Alan C 02/06/2010D, nobody will take the Luas from Lucan to city center unless its about 30-35 mins, that's the point.
The RPA official time from Lucan to Abbey Street is 44 mins as it stands, they want to add on the inchicore stop and re route around some street in Lucan, which will add to this and bring it closer to 50 mins.
it takes approx 20 mins from Blackhorse to Abbey street, which would make the Lucan to blackhorse time about 25 mins.
If this was re-routed to Heuston it would take no more than 25 mins from Lucan to Heuston (probably less to be honest as it's more direct so 20-25 mins), and another 10 mins from Heuston to Abbey Street = approx 30-35 mins from Lucan.

we could argue times forever but I'm just trying to demonstrate that it is possible to make it from Lucan to city center on luas in 30-35 mins if it's designed with this journy time in mind.

And going for a 50 mins journey time is pointless, as long as thats the design it wont be built.

And also: Lucan to Inchicore work on Luas = approx 25 mins. add on 5 mins or so to wait on the dart, and 10 mins dar journey to city center = 40-45 mins (depending on wait)
That's no as attractive as it involves changing and adding uncertainty to how long you'r journey will take. A shuttle bus to Adamstown, or luas to adamstown from Lucan is the only way people would use luas+dart from there.
Nobody from Lucan will want to travel to inchicore to get the dart. That like building a luas from Inchicore to blackrock and saying u can get the dart to town from there. People would still take direct transport.
MF03/06/2010So Alan what route would your new Luas line from inchicore to blackrock take ?
Alan C03/06/2010Through your back garden MF
MF03/06/2010Alan, you have suggested a luas line from inchicore to blackrock. What route would your new line take and what will the journey times be?
Alan C04/06/2010Cop on MF you are just be mischievous now. I mentioned such an idea as as a supid thing to do, just like the idea of people travelling all the way from Lucan to Inchicore to get the DART, it will never happen.
MF04/06/2010No alan, you are not making sense. You said that if a luas was built from inchicore to blackrock people would take it rather than getting the dart from inchicore to town (presumably pearse) and from town going onwards to blackrock on the dart.

Now what will the route of your new luas line from inchicore to blackrock be? How long will the journey be ?
Alan C04/06/2010MF I didn't say that, I said exactly the opposite i.e. that if that was built people would NOT take it. And likewise people from Lucan will NOT travel to Inchicore to get a DART.
Please stop mis-quoting me, maybe you have some ideas yoursled that you might like to share.
MF04/06/2010Alan, on 02/06/2010 you said "that like building a luas from Inchicore to blackrock and saying u can get the dart to town from there. People would still take direct transport"

What is the route of this direct transport that people would take to get from inchicore to blackrock?
Alan C 04/06/2010MF go jum in a river, ur amazingly irritating, I told u already this is a fictional route which is so utterly silly as to not even warrant any answers.
Alan C04/06/2010And I said people wouldn't take it, you're the one saying they would.
It doesnt matter what bloody route it would take, the point is that people want to go direct.

I dont think you'll ever understand my point so please just drop it.
Alan C04/06/2010I was saying that pwople travelling to town from Inchicore would take DIRECT transport to TOWN ffs.
Melanie04/06/2010Relax Alan, I think MH is trying to drive you insane with ridiculous misinterpretations of your posting.
I agree people find the idea of changing trains/trams during a journey slightly stressful and off putting, as delay and waiting about become more likely.
I do not drive and have used only public transport in Dublin for the last 10 yrs. The volume of traffic we now have in Dublin is totally out of proportion to how things were in the past and it's going to be necessary to think of public transport solutions first particularly in the centre of town.
MF04/06/2010I thought you were talking about a trip from inchicore to blackrock.

A dart trip from inchicore to blackrock will take about 27 minutes
D04/06/2010I was looking at the Lucan Luas map on the RPA website. It's very clear that if someone wants to go from any of the Lucan Luas stations to St Stepehens Green the quickest way would be to interchange at the Inchicore Dart Underground station get off the Luas in Inchicore and take the Dart Ungerground onwards to St Stephens Green. Trip time on dart from Inchicore to St Stephens Green wil be 7 minutes.
Alan c04/06/2010Well D how long will it take from Lucan to city center via inchicore?
I recon 25 mins on luas, 10 mins in dart, 5 or 6 mins to change and wait at inchicore (at peak time) total= 40 mins or so
this becomes much more off peak, maybe add 10 mins.
The express bus takes 25 mins Lucan to city, so it's clear that's the quickest?
Off peak there is no attraction at all to your idea. And during peak times it's still slower and more hassel than the bus all at a cost of a few billion! I think there is a better way

I don't think luas + dart from inchicore will be appealing to people in Lucan

Lucan to Inchicore Works on Luas = 15 to 20 mins depending on which stop in Lucan you get on the Luas.

Wait for Dart in Inchicore Works = 5 Mins

Inchicore Works to St. Stephen's Greeen on Dart = 7 Minutes

Total Trip = 27 Minutes


Ballyfermot Village to Inchicore Works on Luas = 5 mins

Wait for Dart in Inchicore Works = 5 Mins

Inchicore Works to St. Stephen's Greeen on Dart = 7 Minutes

Total Trip = 17 Minutes
Judi06/07/2010This new Lucan and Liberties Luas lines have been axed, it will officially be moth-balled in the next couple of weeks:

DART Underground to go ahead as long as the funding can be secured from private sources!