Inchicore Split by Local Electoral Boundaries

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D23/05/2010Inchicore is bisected by two Local Electoral Area Boundaries. Who thinks that as a result Inchicore is underrepresented on Dublin City Council. I think so.

Form reading other posts on and doing my own research into the regulations I set out below the current situation.

The following areas in Inchicore are in the Ballyfermot-Drimnagh Electoral Area and are represented on DCC by
Vincent "Ballyfermot" Jackson(Ind)
Louise Minihan (Ind)
Brid Smith (People before profit)
Michael Conaghan (Lab):
-The Ranch
-Seven Oaks apartments
-Floraville apartments
-Sarsfield Road (west of the bridge)
-The CIE Engineering Works (excluding the CIE Residential Estate)
-Grattan Crescent (Ulsterbank side) between its intersections with South Terrace and Emmet Road.
-Emmet Road (Eurospar side) between its intersections with Tryconnel Road and the Camac River
-All lands between the Camac River and Tyrconnel Road
-Tryconnel Street
-The entire of Tyrconnel Road on both sides of the road
-The Mary Immaculate Church including all the Halls and Grounds
-The Oblates National School
-Tyrconnel Park
-Railway Ave
-Partridge Terrace
-Nash Street
-New Road
-Oblate Drive
-Ring Street
-Ring Terrace
-Jamestown Ave
-Jamestwon Road
-Jamestown Court
-Davitt Road

The following areas in Inchicore are in the South-West Inner City Electoral Area and are represented by by
Claire Byrne (FG)
John Gallagher (Lab)
Rebecca Moynihan (Lab)
Criona Ni Dhalaigh (SF)
-East Timor Park
-Liffey Gaels GAA Club
-Sarsfield Road (east of the bridge)
-Inchicore Road
-Memorial Road
-Emmet Road (but not the Eurospar side between the Camac River and Tyrconnel Road)
-Richmond Park
-Myra Road
-Camac Close
-Bulfin Estate
-St. Michael's Estate
-Spa Road
-Thomas Davis Street

The Local Electoral Area Boundaries are set by the Minister for Environment following a report from an Electoral Area Boundary Commitee which recieves submissions from the public and political parties.
The terms of reference of the Committee include:
Para 2 "In carrying out its review, the Committee shall have as an objective the drawing up of electoral areas which (alone or in combination) would, as far as practicable, have an urban or neighbourhood focal point (or points).
Para 3 "In recommending changes to local electoral areas, the Committee should, subject to paragraph 2, take due account first of the desirability of preserving natural communities or the hinterlands of population centres, and secondly of the desirability, where it may be possible to do so, of aligning local electoral area boundaries with Dáil constituency boundaries."
D23/05/2010Correction: I forgot to say that South West Inner City Local Electoral Area also includes
-CIE Residential Estate (excludind the CIE Engineering Works)
-Grattan Park
-The remiander Grattan Crescent
Alan C 23/05/2010I think that Inchicore would be much better served at local level if our City Councilors were representing the whole community.
As it is there are Ballyfermot based councilors representing some of Inchicore who have to concentrate their work on Ballyfermot, and they will always place Ballyfermot first as that is their mandate, they wouldnt be elected if they didn't.

Likewise the Inchicore councilors must put their constituency first.

I also think that Inchicore doesn't get it's fair share of the pie when it comes to council projects and we need better representation to put that right.

I believe the area office in Kilmainham doesn't cover the part of inchicore which is server by Ballyfermot. This means some areas were left out of the Area Plans (noteable the Ranch as the area plan states that the railway bridge on Sarsfield Rd as the boundry of Inchicore) and the other good work done by the area office.
One of the studies they published was about "Strengthening communities and making spaces" it recognized the dis-connect within the area but didn't cover how the local constituencies fit into that.

I dont know of any other community with split representation, but it's seems like a disadvantage especially for an area that is in need of delicate regeneration.

I'm not sure how you can go about asking for the electoral boundaries to be re-examined.

A sensable idea would be to include the rest of Inchicore with the South West Inner City, including Kilmainham and Islandbridge. That represents the required kind of size a constituency must be.

Also in light of the plans by Irish Rail to develop the Works' site it's important that this is done as part of the Inchicore Area plans and as a part of this community. As it stands the works site is part of the Ballyfermot constituency.

There seems to be good reason to look at this again, but I wold like to hear what other people think about this?
Paul23/05/2010Good work D, even if it's all a little confusing. As I understand, the electoral boundaries not only split Inchicore but they have also changed over time. And of course, the Dail constituency differs from the local authority ward.

All of this militates against any clear focus on Inchicore, either by its residents or associations or its elected politicians. Mary Upton, for example, represents us in the Dail yet she hails from miles and miles away in Templeogue.

What can we do?
- press all politicians, and future candidates, to support a reform of the boundaries.
- make a submission to that commission.
- any other suggestions?

It certainly isn't going to happen today or tomorrow...
Jo23/05/2010This is an interesting thread. There is one more small and bizarre anomaly that hasn't yet been mentioned. 14 houses in the CIE Estate (Grattan Court) are included in the Ballyfermot constituency. It all seems a huge mess, and who knows what the splitting of Inchicore in two is responsible for. We should campaign for a more coherent drawing of the boundaries.
D24/05/2010Hi Jo and Paul, I strongly believe that all of Inchicore should be in the same Local Electoral Area. Apart from Paul's two suggestions I can't think of anything else to get it rectified.

Well spotted Jo about Grattan Court. I assume that the newer townhouses called "The Works" beside Grattan Court are also in the Ballyfermot-Drimnagh Local Electoral Area.

Here's another curiosity. Strictly according to the Statutory Instrument defining the Wards it would appear that St. Patricks Terrace, Georges Villas, 5 Houses on Abercorn Terrace and 7 Houses in Abercorn Square are also in the Ballyfermot-Drimnagh Local Electoral Area. I assume that this strict interpretation is not adhered to. Can anybody clarify ? It's a big mess !!

The Statutory Instrument defining the Wards is S.I. No. 12/1986 — County Borough of Dublin (Wards) Regulations, 1986 as amended.

There's a handy map on the DCC website at
LH24/05/2010Wow, it does appear that St. George's Villas and St. Patrick's Terrace are in the Ballyfermot/Drimnagh electoral district. Surely this discrepancy must be corrected as a matter of priority. Having said that it seems like it might have been like this for donkey's years.
Michael O'Flanagan24/05/2010D, you didn't point out that a large chunk of Drimnagh ( Galtymore road) is in the Inchicore electoral area. I've been voting in Inchicore for 35 years and the boundaries have been changed in every election. Funny how these things go unnoticed!
D24/05/2010Michael, But in the CIE estate are there any residents who can confirm whether george's villas and patrick's terrace are in the ballyfermot-drimnagh local electoral area? Surely it would be apparent when they go to vote. Perhaps you might know, being a long time resident of inchicore?
Michael O'Flanagan25/05/2010D the question you asked at the beginning of this thread was “ is Inchicore under-represented on Dublin City Council?” and the answer is No! Inchicore is represented by eight councillors on Dublin City Council. ( whereas we were previously represented by only six!) The next question is should Inchicore be a single constituency? The answer again is No! The average population of local constituencies in Dublin is 39,000 whereas Inchicore has little more that 6,000. Indeed a perusal of the last report of the of the boundaries committee in June 2008 ( hurtfully) will show that the word “Inchicore” does not appear anywhere in the report. The fact is; Inchicore must be added as a tail onto Ballyfermot or The Southwest Innercity. See;
The next Local Government Election will be in 2014 and the next revision of the boundaries will be in 2013. It will require some enthusiasm to keep up a campaign for the next four years to have a “united Inchicore” moved into either one or the other of the above constituencies.
D25/05/2010Michael, when it comes to a piece of the pie the Ballyfermot Councillors will put Ballyfermot first over the section
of Inchicore in their electoral area. Otherwise the people in Ballyfermot would not re-elect them. That's politics. That's what I'm talking about when I suggest that Inchicore is under-represented on DCC. All of Inchicore should be in the same electoral area - I wasn't suggesting a local electoral area solely consisting of Inchicore !!!! The natural choice is to put all of Inchicore into the South-West Inner City local electoral area.

Furthermore, the current boundaries are non-sensical. Just take the CIE Residential Estate as an example. It appears that Grattan Court, The Works Townhouses, St. Patrick's Terrace, George's Villas, Nos. 1-4 Abercorn Terrace and Nos. 32-38 Abercorn Square are represented by the Ballyfermot Councillors whereas vast the majority of the CIE Estate is represented by the South-West Inner City Councillors.
Michael O'Flanagan25/05/2010D CIE Estate is not synonymous with Inchicore even though most of the posts to the Forum might lead you to believe that. The Home page of “” lists St. Michael’s Estate, Berry’s Court, Naas Road, Tyrone Place, Emmet Crescent, Kilmainham Bank, Jamestown court, The Tramyard, St. Michael’s Family Resource Centre. Camac Court, Woodfield Residents, Rosedale, Rivercourt and Metropolitan Apartments as participants of this community. Occasionally I get the impression that these are forgotten. I can say with some confidence that all of the eight councillors defend the interests of Inchicore vigorously at Dublin City Council meetings as I have taken the trouble to attend council meetings when matters relevant to Inchicore are up for discussion. If we complain about Mary Upton representing us because she lives in Templeogue……. The people of Templeogue of can complain that Catherine Byrne and Aengus O Snodaigh represent them because they live in Inchicore and Bluebell respectively. The fact is we are in a 5 seater constituency. This makes us sound like a losing football team complaining about the shape of the pitch. If you want the support of the councillors…… approach them….. respect their mandate……. After all we voted them in! Finally, you can make your submission for changing the local government boundaries in 2013.
Anon26/05/2010I live in Inchicore and I don't want a Councillor named Vincent "Ballyfermot" Jackson representing me on the City Council.

The Irish Times on 20th May, 2009 had this to say:
An unfeeling administrative change has resulted in the loss of one of the most memorable names on Dublin local election ballot papers.

Independent councillor Vincent “Ballyfermot” Jackson has been abridged to the far more prosaic Vincent Jackson as a result of the newly-introduced boundary change which sees the addition of Drimnagh to the Ballyfermot ward.

Jackson said he regretted the loss of his name, which has brought him electoral success for 18 years, but said he did not want to alienate his new constituents.

“The boundary change has added an extra 4,000 houses, which is very difficult for someone like me, and the people of Drimnagh aren’t happy that the three existing councillors are all Ballyfermot-based. A double-barrelled Vincent ’Ballyfermot/Drimnagh’ Jackson is a bit too much of a mouthful,” he said.

Well I'm happy Vincent Jackson has droped the "Ballyfermot" from his name. But he has not adequately represented a large chunk of Inchicore for the last 18 years and has alienated us in Inchicore.
Michael O'Flanagan26/05/2010On the contrary Vincent Jackson was foremost in defending Inchicore….. he took on the City manager to fight for a better gateway to Inchicore back in 1998……… he has put many motions before Dublin City Council supporting issues in Inchicore. It is important to know the facts before attacking local Councillors. I’m hoping that this website is not being used to ferment a war between the people of Inchicore and Ballyfermot. It’s a bit parochial isn’t it? And I don’t hide behind Anon.
Alan C26/05/2010Michael, I think you are referring to the Inchicore IAP 1998. At the time Vincent Jackson was the Lord Mayer and should rightly contribute to the IAPs at the time, he was not doing so as a representative of Inchicore.
Ballyfermot is a gatweay to Inchicore as I am sure he was aware at the time.

Vincent is a very good counciller but he is there for the people of Ballyfermot. He certainly does work in cooperation and as a team with the other councillers of the South Central Area and we all benefit for his contribution.
I think there would be even more benefit if Inchicore was represented by a single counciller, so that local issues could be given the priority they deserve.
Vincent will always put Ballyfermot as his priority.

The Luas and DART proposals are a good example, there has been a lof of influence from Ballyfermot, Lucan and now Parkwest who are trying to get it re-routed to them. NOBODY is there representing the residents of Inchicore, the only exception is IOT which sucessfuilly represented the CIE estate and environs.

When the Luas consultation were held the only organised representation from Inchicore was the usual businesses who were against it, this happens in every area. There were no councillers there representing the residents making sure that local peoples interests were heard, as was and is being done in Lucan and Ballyfermot and now Park West.
Vincent didnt do this for us, as there is a conflict and he must represent the people who vote for him.

Result: Irish Rail go and do what they like (fair play to iot for influencing the plans but more could have been achieved with wider area representations). And the LUAS line is being influenced by reps from every section of the plan EXCEPT for the people of inchicore (allowing the lobby groups to rule).

You can't seriously not believe that we can serve Inchiore better? Surely Inchicore On Track has proven that we need better representation at local level?

Alan C26/05/2010And Michael the curreant area plan names the Railway Bridge on Sarsfield Rd as the gateway to Inchicore, seemingly defining The Ranch, Liffey Gaels and 7 Oaks as being in Ballyfermot, even though many see them as Inchicore.
Do we have Cllr Jackson to thank for this?
Michael O'Flanagan26/05/2010No, Alan I’m not referring to any to any IAP plan. I am referring to a motion Vincent Jackson put before Dublin City Council regarding the site at the Junction of Emmet Road and the South Circular Road which the city manager sold for €1,7 million for apartments and which was previously set aside by compulsory purchase order as a heritage centre for Inchicore. This was designated as “ The Gateway To Inchicore.” The city manager got his way and we have that monstrosity at the corner with a Four Star Pizza as the emblem of Inchicore in environs of Kilmainham Gaol and The Royal Hospital. I applaud the success of IOT, and I have tried for over 30 years to get a united voice for Inchicore and can tell many a story about who and why that never came about. There are three gates to Inchicore, Blackhorse bridge, Emmet Road Junction and Sarsfield Road. Also nobody should forget that The Khyber Pass on Ballyfermot Road is an important entrance to Inchicore. It is great to see that all of the new residents in CIE Estate are adding a new vibrancy to local discussion and local politics but having a little knowledge of what went before would add more light and less heat to these issues.
Alan C26/05/2010Thanks Michael, It's always good to hear about events from those that were involved.

I have a question about that; how come there was no local counciller that could have worked on behalf of the Inchicore Community at the time?
Why did u have to rely on Cllr Jackson?
And if we did have better representation maybe we would have won the motion?

Also, perhaps the CIE works redevelopment might be an oppertunity to find a purpose built Heritage Center for the area? There will be a framework Area plan for this and our councellors (or at least the Ballyfermot ones as this is their patch) will have the oppertunity to include this. They are the people that approve the plan so it should be possable.
D26/05/2010Michael, Your namesake Cllr Michael Conaghan (Labour) has been campaigning recently on behalf of residents in Ballyfermot to take the Lucan Luas F1 line away from Inchicore !! Yet Cllr Michael Conaghan also represents half of Inchicore!! Serious conflict of interest there for Cllr Michael Conaghan.

Here's the deal, for those who haven't heard. Cllr Michael Conaghan recently stated at a public consultation on the Luas that he wants the Lucan Luas F1 Line to continue along Sarsfield Road and then straight into town along the N4.
Michael O'Flanagan26/05/2010Yes Alan, we had three councillors, Catherine Byrne, Mary Mooney and John Gallagher all of whom spoke in favour of Vincent Jackson’s motion……. Michael Conaghan was Lord Mayor at the time. The City Manager had the numbers rigged before the meeting, promises here and promises there…….. that’s the way it works………. The real power is with city officials……. Councillors can name streets and vote FOR the budget ( or get disolved as happened in 1974) They also have an imput to the Development Plan…….. but that counts for nothing……… because the city planners ignore the development plan as does An Bord Pleanala. The Orchard site was zoned Z for recreational and amenity but they gave permission for 17 apartments on it. Anyway, both Michael Conaghan and Vincent Jackson previously represented the whole of Inchicore when the Inchicore constituency extended up as far as Kylemore Road. Michael Conaghan taught in the Inchicore College on Emmet Road for 33 years and he is the Chairman of The Inchicore and Kilmainham Heritage Group. You suggest that Inchicore should have it’s own councillor. Well it has; Clare Byrne was elected by votes from CIE Estate……. I saw the tallies……she is an excellent councillor for the whole of Inchicore as was Catherine before her.
D26/05/2010Michael, Cllr Claire Byrne is a great councillor on DCC. But the point I am making is is that, as I've already indicated, her electoral area only includes half of Inchicore. The other half of Inchicore is represented by Councillors who have Ballyfermot's interest foremost in their mind.

Look at what I'm saying about Michael Conaghan. He is supposed to be representing half of Inchicore yet he wants to take a Luas line away from Inchicore. He made a hugh fuss at the LUAS consultation in Liffey Gales last month and made it clear to all present that he wants the Lucan LUAS to run all the way through Ballyfermot and NOT run through Inchicore. The very next evening he attended the LUAS consultation in the Oblates and said nothing to his constituents present at the Oblates meeting about his plans to take the LUAS away from them. Yet he represents them too !!!

This yet another reason why ALL of Inchicore should be in the South West Inner City Local Electoral Area. Inchicore is getting shafted by having half if it in the Ballyfermot Electoral Area.
Michael O'Flanagan26/05/2010D I fully agree with you that all of Inchicore should be in the same constituency. However, that adjustment cannot be made before 2013. I attended meetings in the Oblates to discuss the Luas many years ago when Michael Conaghan, Peter Keenahan and George Saunders led the campaign to bring the red line down Tyrconnell road, Emmet Road and Mount Brown. This was stopped by Dublin Providers who promised to drag the RPA through the High Court and the Supreme Court and delay the project for years. As it happens, the RPA should have gone to court because numerous other delays held the project up for even longer. Meanwhile, I lost out on having the Luas stop outside my door. I’ve had to build a bridge (Suir bridge to be precise) and get over it.
D26/05/2010Michael, As you say yourself, it was years ago that Cllr Michael Conaghan supported that route. You can't deny what his plans are now. When there's a potential for gain in Ballyfermot he's trying to take from Inchicore to give to Ballyfermot.

There's a consensus developing that electoral reform is needed in this part of the City. 2013 is only three years away. It's high time to get a campaign together.
D26/05/2010One obvious reform is to move the "Inchicore A" Ward into the South-West Inner City.

Another obvious reform is to redraw the Ward boundary so that The Ranch, Floraville and Seven Oaks are in the South West-Inner City.
Alan C 26/05/2010I think its great that people are being passionate about the community.
To make something out of this I think it's important to stay positive, all of the Councilors named are only being mentioned because of the good work they have done for their constituents who they represent.
I think it's clear that there is support for having the Inchicore community strengthened and better represented, hopefully this will happen for the next local elections and I'm sure there will be support for this in the community.

In the meantime, this is something that we should talk to our councilors about and make sure that know we expect them to make some more effort for the community to make up for fact that the community has been loosing out.

Also we should continue to support local groups that represent residents of Inchicore such as IOT to make our voices louder, and we will need them.
When the CIE Works development plan is prepared we will need the community to be involved as this development should be a part of the Inchicore community.

In the immediate future, I think it would be a good idea to write/call to some of the Councilors and get them to pass a motion at the South Central Area Committee (include SWIC Ballyfermot Walkinstown and Crumlin) to undertake to consult with Inchicore Community groups (including IOT and any residents committees that wish to partake) when the Inchicore Works area plan is being drafted (this plan must be adopted by the council). And to ask them to request that Irish Rail also do so.
They did something similar with the DART proposal.
They should also be requested to put the Inchicore Community first when it comes to planning and developments within this area (CIE estate and environs).
This will result in a better plan and a stronger community and place to live or work, or even to just pass through.
There are many benefits in having a stronger community and with their support the local councilors can, and have before, make that happen.
Vincent H22/02/2012It is probably a good time to revive this initiative in time for the next local elections. This will aid another initiative we're trying to get going - namely a more organised association to represent all inchicore residents. Watch this space.
Michael O'Flanagan11/03/2013Hi! folks .... I was just checking which area I was in for the purposes of property tax...... and I had the opportunity to re-read this fascinating thread... I'm wondering if everyone is still in a mood to campaign for Inchicore to be made one constituency as they were back in 2009? !! .......... I think a number of other things have climbed up the ladder of priorities. And I notice that CIE Estate and Inchicore Road are in Kilmainham B .... which rate band 4 on the Property Tax bands. Now ...... that will something that be meritorious of a campaign!!!!
Kathleen Currivan11/03/2013Just doing my homework on the tax bands!Kilmainham B is €250k to €300k.According to the property register, three houses in the CIE were sold in December, just three months ago, one in Nth. Terrace foe €381k, another in Nth. Sq for €335k and one in Abercorn Sq. for €240k.Can't find any in Inchicore Rd. but it would sem that CIE estate is fairly accurately placed. To undervalue now would be to postpone the day of reckoning!
D12/03/2013Parts of the CIE Estate are in the "cheaper" Inchicore A Ward: George's Villas, St. Patrick's Terrace, Nos. 1-4 Abercorn Terrace, Grattan Court, The Works Townhouses, and Nos. 32-38 Abercorn Square. These houses strictly speaking come within the Ballyfermot-Drimnagh Local Electoral Area.

See my post of 20/05/2010.

The Revenue Commissioners have opened a can of worms by using the Electoral Wards as a basis of valuing properties for the Local Property Tax.

If you have any doubt as to the boundaries of the Electoral Wards view the Revenue Commissioners map at:

You can clearly see on that Revenue Commissioners map that the above mentioned parts of the CIE Estate (Georges Villas, St Patricks Terrace etc) are in the cheaper "Inchicore A" Ward (200-250k) while the majority of the CIE Estate is in the more expensive "Kilmainham B" Ward (250-300k).

My advice to everybody is to make a reasonable valuation of your own property and don't automatically accept the Revenue Commissioners valuation - it may be too high or too low.. If you undervalue the Revenue Commissioners will come after you for the shortfall.
Judi13/03/2013Thats a load of nonsense, if you pay what the Revenue Commissioners advise then they will not be coming after you for more. They are the ones giving the guidance.
It does seem very unfair though since the local electoral boundaries are a shambles some homes will be caught for more as a result of that mess.
Who said it was a fair system anyway!
Punch13/03/2013Judi, you troll, you are talking horseshit yet again.

Self-assessment requires you to honestly assess the value of your property. If you follow Revenue’s
guidance honestly, Revenue will accept your assessment and your valuation will not be challenged. However,
if you feel that the guidance is not indicating a reasonable valuation for your property, you should make
your own assessment. Revenue will challenge cases where deliberate under-valuation occurred. You
are responsible for ensuring that you choose the correct value band for your property.

I have copied verbatim from the Revenue publication entitled
"Your guide to
Local Property Tax
& how to pay and file"

"As LPT is a self-assessed tax, you are obliged to determine the market value of any property for
which you are the liable person. The market value of your property on 1 May 2013 will form the basis
of the calculation of the tax for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and will not be affected by any repairs or
improvements made to your property, or any general increase in property prices, during this period.
Any increase in the value of a property arising from expenditure on adaptations to make it more suitable for
a disabled person will not be taken into account where the adaptations have been grant-aided under a local
authority scheme. See for details on how to apply this adjustment.
The following may assist you in valuing your property:
● Property valuation guidance is available on which includes an on-line guide that
provides indicative property values. If you do not have internet access, terminals are available
at Revenue Information Offices and local libraries. You can also contact the Citizens Information
Service for assistance: Phone Service: 0761 07 4000, Monday to Friday, 9am - 8pm or in person by
calling to a Citizens Information Service near you.
The valuation guidance is based on:
- The type of property e.g. detached, semi-detached, apartment etc.
- The age of the property e.g. built before the year 2000 or after.
- The average price of the type of property for the general area.
If your property has certain unique features, is smaller or larger than the average for your area, is in
a significantly poor state of repair or has exceptional features, you will have to factor this into your
assessment of the valuation of your property.
● The Residential Property Price Register at produced by the Property
Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA), provides an actual sales price of all properties sold since
January 2010.
● You may choose to obtain a valuation from a competent professional valuer. Some valuers are
offering a special price for LPT valuations.
● If you have purchased your property or obtained a professional valuation in recent years, you may
use this valuation and adjust for any change in values in your area since the date of this valuation.
You should also refer to other sources of information relating to local properties such as the property
section of local newspapers, information from local estate agents and property websites.

Self-assessment requires you to honestly assess the value of your property. If you follow Revenue’s
guidance honestly, we will accept your assessment and your valuation will not be challenged. However,
if you feel that the guidance is not indicating a reasonable valuation for your property, you should make
your own assessment. Revenue will challenge cases where deliberate under-valuation occurred. You
are responsible for ensuring that you choose the correct value band for your property."
Judi13/03/2013Punch whoever u are, thats really not very nice of you. There is no need to be personal its actually upsetting.
What I said still stands, if u follow the revenues guidance you will be grand, property price is not an exact science and nobody knows the actual market value of a property thats not for sale.
As long as you are reasonable it will be fine.
I think its reasonable to follow the guidance from the revenue unless there is something exceptional about your home, i.e. being a mansion or something like that.
The revenue use price bands to make sure there is not much variance.

The head of revenue was on Pat Kenny radio show last week and basically admitted that about 50% of values might be slightly off but that this was not a concern due to the banding system in use.
She also said the revenue would NOT be going after anyone who reasonably asses the value of their home and would ONLY persue the outliers who undervalue to such an extreme that is is fraudulent.

Thats my opinion Punch, and we have heard your please respect my right to contribute
Punch13/03/2013Judi, I wasn't giving my opinion. My entire message was quoted verbatim from the Revenue Commissioners publication entitled "Your guide to Local Property Tax & how to pay and file".

You are seriously misguided Judi to be expressing opinions statements like what you have written here. Don't take offence Judi. You are talking horseshit and that's a fact. It's nothing personal.
ray14/03/2013Punch, I totally agree with you. I understood what you wrote and where you got it from. hard to please everyone.
Gary21/03/2013Just to correct what "D" stated. Below are the correct band valuations.
"Inchicore A" Ward (150- 200k) while the majority of the CIE Estate is in the more expensive "Kilmainham B" Ward (200-250k).
Gary21/03/2013This property tax is complicated,
The bands I quoted are for "Terraced" houses, (which most of the houses in the works are). The next highest bands are for semi-detached houses.
Sorry D
Oisin 21/03/2013Good news on the original subject of this thread! In May the new city council local electoral areas are out, and it is likely that there will be a united Inchicore.

The Dublin South Central Dáil Constituency, which was changed last year to take Terenure out, will be split into 2 council areas with 6-8 councillors each.

The border between the two is likely to be the canal or a line going up Suir Road (probably splitting Crumlin )

Local Voter31/05/2013Oisin,

Looks like your prediction was correct.

The Local Area Boundary Committee made it's recommendation yesterday.

All of Inchicore would now be united in one Local Electoral Area, namely the Ballyfermott-Drimnagh LEA, if the Committee's recommendation is accepted by the Minister.

Of interest to the wider D8 area is that the South West Inner City LEA would be abolished and voters in its catchment area would now be split into the Ballyfermott-Drimnagh LEA and the Crumlin-Kimmage LEA.
Oisin06/06/2013Hmm, they went for the split up Suir Road and through Crumlin. So Inchicore is now United!