CIE Allotment?

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Kade Beasley16/05/2010Does anyone know who owns the currently unused land on the lane to the back of the south terrace? Was considering approaching them to see if they would be allow residents to use the land for an allotment, thats if other residents would be interested in getting involved.
JH17/05/2010I think those are people's gardens Kade, there are a few other sites around the place - I heard at a GIY meeting that the VEC is offering to let its grounds be used as allotments.
Me17/05/2010I have heard that the butcher in the village owns the garden which has the car in it. It doesn't appear to be used other than for dumping. Would be great if it was used productively.
JH17/05/2010If it's the garden I'm thinking of, the house and garden are owned by the people who run the barbers shop.
PJ17/05/2010Sounds like the barber's house alright. Ask for Pat down in the Waldorf barbers if you want to progress your idea. The ground is like a rock, though...