Offering a bike service

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Mark12/05/2010hi guys.
Im offering a bike service and wash. I charge very little for what is an essential part of enjoying your cycling.
I live in CIE estate, but would happily collect your bike, do the job and deliver it back to you at the end of the day.
Mail me if your interested or know of anybody who is. Thanks a lot
Mark14/05/2010my number is 0851247093 if anybody is interested. cheers
Up14/05/2010Hi mark. Would be interested will ring you
Mark17/05/2010Thanks Very much UP.

Paul03/06/2010Just used this local service and very good it was too.
Ed Brophy13/10/2010Hi Mark, have tried to call you several times but your phone keeps ringing out. Is this the right number?
Siobhán02/01/2011Hi there, just wondering are you still offering this service? I have a puncture and live in Inchicore........please let me know, thanks.
Andrew19/01/2011Great service. Recommended.
Colm O'Regan25/02/2011Hi
Is it still the same number?

Will try it again later,