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Mary Mc08/05/2010Can anyone tell me exactly what St Vincent de Paul are building opposite the Oblates. I know there is a charity shop. They are building a 7 storey of 2 bed apartments for the elderly. Why build so high for elderly, is this just what they are telling us and then they will put who they like in. We already have an empty high rise at Blackhorse and an empty building opposite Eurospar. Do we need more?
yvette Kelly08/05/2010I don't think anyone knows, I asked a member of SVP and they didn't know anything about it. I agree we don't need more blocks of apartments. Why can the SVP do something for the youth in Inchicore, after all this was a youth club.
D09/05/2010The Planning Application reference number is 2622/10. It can be viewed online at

There's two objections so far: one from Catherine Byrne TD and one from Declan Kenny. Last date for ovservations is 19th May.

I'd make the following comments on Catherine Byrne's objection: The 7 storey block has the bottom 2 storeys below road level. From tyrconnel road this block will look like a 5 storey block rather than the 7 storey block which it is. I would think that for elderly people 2 bed apartments are better than 1 bed apartments. A 2 bed apartment will be useful for the elderly resident's family members to come and stay with them. Apart from that, I'd tend to agree with the rest of Catherine Byrne's objection

Here's the full text of the objection of Cetherine Byrne TD:

I, Catherine Byrne TD of 30 Bulfin Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8, wish to lodge an objection on the following grounds;

1) Height, overshadowing

A 7 -storey building fronting onto Tyrconnell Road at this location would be totally unsuitable and
would cause overshadowing of the adjacent properties.

2) On-street parking/traffic congestion

Opening a commercial unit (charity shop) on the ground floor with no rovision for set-down/drop off parking will cause traffic congestion.

3) Residential parking
There is provision for just 2 parking spaces in this development to cater for staff and residents. Although it states that additional short term visitors can use the church parking opposite, this has not been agreed with the Oblate Fathers who own this private car park. This car park is very busy and is used on a daily basis for church and school activities.

4) Community gain
This building was a youth club (St Joseph's Youth Club) for the past 80 years, and served the local community very well. However, there appears to be no community gain in in this new development i.e. no community youth facilities. Furthermore, it was indicated to me last year in writing by SVP Dublin that they would communicate with local residents as part of the planning process. particularly the resident in no. 127 Tyrconnell Road, but this did not happen.

5) Residential use
If these apartments are designed for elderly people, why are there ine 2-bedroom units, which
would indicate family use?

Mary Mc09/05/2010The reason the elderly get 1 bed apt is so that they will not have family members living there full time, which often happens. If it a complex for the elderly and a younger person moves in it can cause problems. I was involved with the elderly in London and it was hard to remove the relative if the elderly person passes on. I think this complex will be for lone parents etc. DCC have a good system in place for the elderly and have wardens calling daily. I thought SVP were finding it hard to look after the "new poor", they are always looking for money for the poor and now they have money for to build a load of apts!
yvette Kelly11/05/2010Mary I totally agree with everything you say. I feel sorry for the residents living beside this new building. I hope it won't become simillar to what was built in James's St by Vincent de Paul.
Leader05/10/2012St Joseph's Youth Club (St Vincent DePaul) are still in action running on Tuesdays for the younger group and Thursday's for the older group. With a lot of dedicated volunteers, the younger club 7-12 happens in the Aras Mhuire hall and the older club 12+ in the basketball hall in the " youth room ". Hopefully in the near future we will have a permanent premises for the young people of inchicore and St Joseph's Youth club will have a home again. :)