Jo Kee Co. is getting renovated

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Martin05/05/2010I saw today that the Jo Kee Co. chinese shop beside Eurospar is in the process of being renovated. Is a new business moving in or is Jo Kee remaining??
Melanie05/05/2010I believe the Chinese food shop is under going renovations and will be back. They had a closed for renovations sign - the noise is driving me nuts, but all improvements are welcome..... new coffee shop included.
Paul05/05/2010So that would be two new coffee shops in a fortnight?
This coming and going of various ethnicities in the Inchicore food sector has me worn out.

How about a nice food shop, anyone? Mick Wallace?
Melanie06/05/2010No - I meant the Insomnia coffee shop in the Spar.
Helen09/06/2010Proper food! Boiled spud and runny egg, stew, beans on toast, tea from a delph mug or a china cup, mixed grill, cheese and ham toastie, gourmet burgers, home made soup, soda bread and scones.
Food u like! Ideally organic. Any investors? Mick Wallace? A co-op cafe? Local employment. . . (Count me in! I'm a local unemployed chef!)