Eyesore Tower at Canal - whats happening

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Lenni26/04/2010Does anyone know what the deal is with the eyesore of a tall apartment block which sits at the bridge of the canal? Obviously its probably not selling due to market but its empty a long time....is there any reason? Any chance it is on NAMAs plans to demolish (with a bit of luck!). I'd be interested to know what the story is. It annoys me every time I see it ugly sitting idle like that.

Also saw a flyer from FG TD through door about objection to planning permission for another high rise opposite the Oblates where the old youth club is. Surely that can't get planning permission on that particular site, especially not in the current property downturn?
Paul26/04/2010I had heard that the eyesore tower block by the canal isn't finished, and that completing the fit-out would cost 3 million (it's very badly built, no surprise). Therefore, it seems destined to remain in limbo for quite some time.
lenni26/04/2010thats not good news or maybe it is. If no money to finish might get demolished. Spare TNT anyone? :)
Orla17/05/2010I always admired that tower!! Draws your attention to the sky.
D17/05/2010It's a lovely bulding. Shame that it's not finished. It definitely won't be demolished. I'd say that NAMA will take it over and complete the inside of it and then put it the apartments on the market for sale or for rent. Looks like there's only about 10 apartments in the building. It shouldn't be that hard to rent them as it's very near to the blackhorse luas stop.
Helen09/06/2010I think a builder died on the site. He fell from the crane.
It is not a suitable building for that location. It neither compliments nor enhances the surroundings. It looks as though it is made up with bits of leftovers from other buildings! I hate it.
It should never have been granted permission.
Lorraine 10/06/2010I agree, it is horrendous. Such an eyesore, the planning authorities have a lot to answer for!
Nuala10/06/2010I think it's a rather attractive building. It just goes to show that you can't please everyone.
mac11/06/2010Its not the most awful building i have seen, but it does not belong in that location. Planning got it wrong.
Michael O'Flanagan11/06/2010Mac, saying the planners got it wrong is an understatement. The Planners are bonkers! They gave the green light to anything that would bring in revenue to DCC. They certainly contributed to the financial woes of the country...... and our journalists are not pointing this out. An Bord Pleanala were equally guilty. "Just give us the money." With the government cutbacks coming many of these guys will find themselves on the dole. I'm so happy for them. They destroyed our heritage for greed.
Mary Mc11/06/2010I think that building is awful. I heard everything was stripped out of it,leaving us to believe it will never be occupied. It was not the builder who fell from that tower block.
Marie P.11/06/2010Hey, I admire that building. I like the way it stands. It's a shame that it's not completed on the inside though.

One would assume that the developer got a loan to build it. Who was the developer ? Did he run out of muney ? I wonder what bank the loan is with.

I wonder, is the loan being repaid. If the loan is not being repaid, the building is probably destined for NAMA.
lenni14/06/2010Its utterly vile. Poorly designed and shoe horned in to a completely unsuitable spot. Unsympathtic to its surroundings. In fact its symbolic of the era of greed of developers. That building is not suitable for the site it is squashed onto. As far as I know there is no parking spaces for residents. Poor access in and out even if there was. It looks crap already and its only a couple of years old. If it is occupied it will prob become a slum and God knows it took years to get rid of the high rises in St Michaels. Why inflict another one on the residents of Inchicore. Personally I'll celebrate if its ever knocked down.
Frank14/06/2010It's a very nice looking building in my opinion. I really like the finish on the exterior which catches the eye. It's in a brilliant location to for access to the Luas.