Farmers Market

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Aisling Kennedy18/04/2010Hi all! I'm new to the area and so far am loving living here. However there is one thing that has struck me and that the lack of places to buy organic foods. Is there anyone interested in trying to set up a Farmers Market in the area. I for one think it would be a great asset for the area. What do people think?
Alan C19/04/2010Hi Aisling, there was some discussion on here a while ago about the oppertunity to open a store selling fresh fruit & veg + organic food in the village. Nothing has come of this yet, but personally I think there is a strong market for this in the area.

I'm not so sure about the Farmers Market idea, this seems a bit more like a fun day out and not really about getting your weekly shopping.
There is a lack of parking in the village so a Farmers Market would only really work well in perhaps the Royal Hospital where they have a large carpark and outdoor space, I would definitely support it but would much rather see a permanent grocers somewhere.
Aisling22/04/2010Hey Alan, your right about it not solving the problem...thats for sure considering they are usually only once or twice a month. But I suppose its a start and one option. A lot of parking isn;t really necessary to get them set up as they rely mainly on pedestrian traffic. If you can think of any space in the area thats appropriate let me know. Thanks.
Louise M22/04/2010What about Wallace's space beside the Enoteca?
John Farrelly23/04/2010I think the area opp the Jail would be a good spot, there is lots of room and lots of parking and im sure the owners wouldnt mind, it might help them sell their remaining units!
Aisling23/04/2010good suggestions. I'll check them out on Monday and let ye know how I get on.
Helen09/06/2010Hi Aisling,
I agree. We need a fresh new option! A few years ago I tried to buy the Southside Cleaners lease from Mr. Boles in order to open an organic shop - groceries, fruit and veg etc. But it never happened because he felt I lacked experience.
Regarding the farmers market, the Oblates field or school car park would be ideal I think. Talk to Father Mick. He's sound. Best of luck. I need somewhere to sell my onions!!