New Playground

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Steve08/04/2010I see the building of the new playground has started in Grattan Park. There is an area cordoned off and a bulldozer and dumper set up in there. Some good news!
Lenni26/04/2010At last! Not before its time. Hopefully it won't get destroyed by morans like the small one off Ring Street.
dee03/05/2010Ive seen kids breaking in during the evenings to climb on the jcb!
L Mullen04/05/2010Please call the police if you see them again.
Melanie15/05/2010Walking past the park today I found the usual gate bolted and padlocked, as well as the main gate - it wasn't possible to get in. Strangely though there was a man and small child inside they play ground; maybe they waded across the river - I don't know.
Have they padlocked the park to keep people out of the playground until it's finished ?