Accidents on South Terrace

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Paul31/03/2010There have been two accidents on South Terrace in the CIE Estate in the past week. In one, a lorry hit a wall which then had to be demolished.

Then, on Friday last, (26th March) after the wall being knocked down, a woman was knocked down while crossing at South Terrace. A car pulled out of the terrace into Grattan Crescent, and knocked her down as it drove out.

She was knocked down on to the middle of the road in Grattan Crescent in the middle of oncoming traffic, her hip was badly damaged, two ambulances attended the scene.

The accidents highlight the problems with traffic on the road. The residents association has contacted the council about the matter, and it says it is taking things seriously.
kathleen currivan23/03/2018Re CIE Estate, you need to be very very careful at the corner where the historical railway monument is situated. Motorists coming up the rear of Abercorn Terrace sometimes think they have the right of way and do not yield to traffic coming directly out of the Railway. Its easy to see why they would think that. I saw a very near miss recently, both vehicles travelling rather fast, neither yielding! They were very lucky!
Resident11/04/2018This junction is getting very busy with traffic these days. Its only a matter of time until someone is hurt.
Perhaps blocking access to the lanes for vehicles from North and south terrace should be considered before a serious accident again.
The blind corners on both are very dangerous, it would cause little to no disruption to vehicles, improving safety, access for pedestrians, and reducing fly tipping in the lanes as there would be only 1 way in and out.
Would it be raised with the council?