House sitting needed?

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Cliona25/03/2010I'm wondering if anyone needed reliable, quiet, non-smoking house sitters this spring/summer? My retired Finnish in-laws would be happy to house-sit, take care of houseplants/pets etc. in exchange for a place to stay near their adored grandson! We live in Woodfield, so anywhere in Dublin 8 would be ideal. Available for 1-4 weeks, and would pay bills (gas/electricity/phone and cable etc.)
Deirbhle26/03/2010Is this purely a one-sided offer? Or Are they offering the use of their house in Finland in return?
Seems inequitable if not
L Mullen27/03/2010I think the OP made a completely legitimate request to this community forum. As someone who gets a lot of visitors from overseas and has a small house with lots of people in it, I have often wished for a temporary arrangement like the one requested. After all, people do go away for short periods of time and a minded house stays warm and dry, plants survive, mail is collected, animals do not need to be kennelled and the house and gardens will be less susceptible to robbery. Of course there would be a small risk but elderly Finnish in-laws doesn't sound very threatening to me!
Paul27/03/2010I also think it's a legitimate request. Cliona, we don't know yet when we're taking holidays but when we do, I can let you know and if the dates suit, we might be able to work something out. We're across the wall in the CIE Estate.
Orla17/05/2010Just wondering what happened here? Did the Finnish in-laws come to any arrangement with Paul??