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Mark N17/03/2010Anyone got any update on the planned Superquinn near Heuston?
Melanie19/03/2010There is a planning notice in the window of the empty space in HSQ regarding adjustments to the Superquinn - having an off licence area etc. Still going ahead.....
Paul08/04/2010Don't hold your breath for the arrival of Superquinn at Heuston. Their stance is that the entrance from the main road has to be built first before they can move in, and since hardly anything is happening on the site that's going to take some time.
Melanie09/04/2010From St John's Road West ? i.e. the second, back half of the development has to be built ?
Subway HSQ15/04/2010Hi Guys. Just checking out your site. I own the Subway at Heuston South Quarter. Just to let you know Superquinn have stated that they are to start building the store in July for 2nd Oct open date....
Melanie16/04/2010Thanks very much Mr Subway
Alan C16/04/2010You never said which year? 2011? Somehow doubt it will happen this year.
Alan C06/05/2010Superquinn have said they hope to have their new store at HSQ open by the end of the year, got that from their twitter page
John Farrelly11/05/2010Spoke to the Pharmacist in HSQ who said that Superquinn is definitley moving in June/July to fit out the store with a possible opening in October, other units are also due to follow but are waiting on Superquinn to move in first.
Alan C11/05/2010I always feel sorry for that pharmasist when I pass by, they would probably be lucky to have more than one customer a day in there. I never understood why they thought they would get more customers there than say beside the SPAR on SCR Kilmainham where there's no pharmasist.
I just dont understand the HSQ thing
Helen09/06/2010There's 3 pharmacies in Inchicore village!!
What's happening with the Lyons tea site on the canal? Are we getting a proper supermarket by any chance?
Sean10/06/2010Seems as if the HSQ is getting some more new tenants. Some good news if it all goes ahead
John Farrelly20/07/2010Looks like things are finally taking off at HSQ, with AOL and Superquinn, there are tradesmen fitting out the store at present and their are signs on the window from Superquinn looking for staff....
Daithi21/07/2010I think Superquinn are due to open around October.
David 22/07/2010Has anybody heard if there is a yoga center opening?
Judi22/07/2010In Superquinn David? Somehow I doubt it.
David 23/07/2010sorry, not in superquinn but in hsq.
Alan C14/10/2010The Superquinn at HSQ opened today.
I havent been down yet but it looks good from outside.
Anyone know the opening hours?
Melanie14/10/2010Monday - Friday 7am - 10pm
Sat and Sun 8am - 9pm

Thank Goodness a good quality local supermarket.
Mary18/10/2010Was in the new Superquinn on Saturday lovely shop only drawback is they dont have superscan. Going back to filling trolly, emptying trolly and packing bags was painful. Also carpark confusing. Would go back again if I only needed few bits.
Alan C19/10/2010I went along last night and though the carpark was great, especially since it was raining and the spaces are underground and very close to the entrance.
The store itself is pretty nice and well stocked but not the full range so I would prob be the same and just shop there from time to time.
There seems to be less fresh fish and meat as well as fresh veg as in the full supermarket which is a pity.
The location is so handy though!
Mary21/10/2010Got call from lady from Superquinn re comment card I filled out looking for superscan, they will review it after Christmas, heres hoping!!!