mini- festival of the arts for kilmainham

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vawn corrigan17/01/2010hi there!
plans are afoot for a weekend mini-fest to be held early summer. In the Kilmainham/Inchicore area. workshops & talks: diverse range, including film-making, clowning, jazz singing, poetry, movement and more. a small exhibition and an evening of entertainment including dinner. any suggestions of what would be enjoyed are welcome! plan to have some events for kids also.
can also e mail at
AP18/01/2010Very Good!!
You could contact Wallace (I've heard he is sympathetic towards artists ) and see if we can get the window displays of his unused shop fronts for video projections. Invite local artists to show their work in this otherwise neglected space. You can use the Visual Artis Ireland ( VAI ) news bulletin to spead the word ( )
vawn corrigan18/01/2010thanks very much for your reply. I dont know who Wallice is but perhaps you can point me in the right direction? or i ask paul.
i love the idea of using neglected spaces, its great. maybe even a sort of walking tour of area like a treasure hunt! give folk a map! an exhibition is on the cards for local artists also, am looking into venues. any other ideas i appreciate them.
That's a good idea about Mick Wallace. You should invite up to the arts club to see what you are doing in the area. His offices are down in the Quartier Bloom in town I think.