How many more kebab shops does Inchicore need?

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AP19/11/2009Is someone somewhere thinkng " I see a niche in the market for kebabs in Inchicore"?
Give us a break and give our health a chance.
Do we really need another one of these in the village? I had higher hopes for that vacant lot on Emmet Road.
Loftus19/11/2009Personally I require a diverse selection of kebabs after a conveniently located 'core crawl' of a weekend.
Melanie Adams19/11/2009I found out this would be a kebab place about 8 months ago - by asking shop fitter. I don't think they knew the 5 in one and the other place opposite were opening.
I have a choice of 3 kebab places 20 secs walk from my apartment... Why not proper cafe ?
They won't all survive I expect.
Paul19/11/2009I had exactly the same thought. I've never had a kebab in Inchicore, though I have had a pizza, chips, curry and the rest. Am I the only one? Maybe they're really good and I should go test.

BTW, what's with the wig shop?
Loftus20/11/2009Fancy I might get meself a suitable wig and go place a bet (in one of our many fine betting establishments) on which kebab shop will go down first.
Alan07/12/2009I tried that 5 in 1 restuarant on Saturday night as the weather was bad and didn't fancy town. We were the only people there which is always a scary thing. However the food was excellent my wife had indian while i mixed chineese starter with Italian main course..all excellent..I was pleasantly suprised..if it wasn't for looking at "Bomas cosmetics" i would swear I wasn't in Inchicore. Bill only came to 44 Euro with a bottle of house red...I'll definetely go again!!
Melanie24/04/2010The Indian next to Bomas Cosmetics has closed down and has been replaced by a new bistro 'specialising' in Greek, Spanish, Indian, French, Italian, Chinese and Turkish cuisine... an entire range of the euro-asian continent. I wonder if they have one member of each ethnic group cooking.
The Bombay Cafe has also gone under, as has the restaurant part of the 5 in 1; and yet the genuinely specialist Italian Enoteca Torino expands and thrives as it is a pleasure to go in there.
D24/04/2010Hey, has the Jamal 5 in 1 definitely closed? I would be dissapointed in that. In my view Jamal does an excellent range of Indian dishes. The restruaunt side of the Jamal 5 in 1 appears to be changing its offerings an Irish blend under the name of "Joe's Diner". Hopefully the take-away side of the Jamal will stay open.
Melanie24/04/2010Take-away part still there. Restaurant replaced by ethnic Irish... I look forward to seeing exactly what this means.