Luka Bloom gig in Inchicore

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Paul04/10/2009We weren't able to go to Luka Bloom's gig in the CIE Estate in Inchicore on Friday but by all accounts it was a great night. Here's Vawn's account of proceedings....

Inchicore On Track and Eilish Byrne organised a wonderful night friday oct 1st in the Inchicore Sports and Social Club. It was to raise awareness for the INCHICORE ON TRACK group who are up trying to negotiate with Irish Rail currently about the proposed DART expansion.

The crowd were a mix of locals and friends of locals, obviously many CIE residents were present also. Those of us who don't live there wish them the best with preserving their unique, village-like complex of gorgeous stone cottages.

Eilish introduced the evening explaining the genuine concerns the residents have about the proposed DART expansion due to the construction (no foundations) of people's homes in the CIE estate. The fact that the whole plan with its huge impact on residents lives was simply presented as a fait accompli also.

Peter Byrne with his warm and engaging style of performance sang some wonderful old songs. Though he berated the audience for our quietness saying "this is like singing in the jax!"

Perhaps we were quiet but there was a lot of us, a full 200 tickets sold and the table full of folk exchanging names and shaking hands.

Peter and Eilish's son Connor showed the benefit of good genes when he played flute with Leonard Barry the talented piper from Kerry (currently living in the Ranch). Connor's fingers flew about the flute hypnotising us.

"I like public transport, I like trains, but i don't like... bullies" said Luka Bloom as he started his set. Referring to the way the development plans were presented to the residents without "at the very least...consultation"

He chatted and joked through his set and was very alive and dynamic. Those who know him from years back all said how little he had changed.

He had many fans in the hall so there were lots of impromptu backing vocals.

His big sound filled up the hall and he played a mix of older and newer songs, he joked that he mostly did the gig because (his sister) "Eilish told me to... and i know what's good for me at this stage!"

After Luka's generous set and encore Wally Page and Johnny Mulhearne came onto the stage with their two guitars, bass guitar, box drum and accordion. They played a great mix of songs and alternated between the two vocalists so there was great variety of sound.

A night of talent, friendship and all the best things that we have in our communities. As Luka says about the recession after the Celtic Tiger "normal service has been resumed"
and that's not all bad if it brings out our natural desire to connect and take care of each other.
Paul11/10/2009You can see clip of Conor Byrne playing at the gig here: