Meeting for community groups

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Paul30/09/2009Was anyone at the meeting for community groups and local residents last Monday? Does anyone want to say a few words about what was discussed and decided?
Ray Warren30/09/2009Dublin City Council organised a meeting of voluntary and community groups last monday. The purpose of the meeting was to share information about what groups are in the area and what they do. The groups represented were: local residents, elders, martial arts, drama, choir, active retirement, arts, faith, community halls, youth resource etc.
It was agreed that there needs to be information sharing and networking and the DCC will support a website to facilitate the groups. It was also mentioned that this website, might be used.
Five people from the meeting along with Willie Morrough and Fran O'Shea from DCC then met to plan the next steps for the group. There was ageeement that all should come together again in about 3 month time.