Egan Villa, Old Kilmainham

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Ray Morris23/09/2009Hi, Can anyone tell me anything about Egan Villa Old Kilmainham. My Dad was born there in 1894 and I was wondering if the place is still there and is there any old photos of the area
Paul23/09/2009Where exactly is (was) it, Ray? It doesn't seem to show up on any maps...
Ray Morris23/09/2009Hi Paul. I have a feeling it is no more. The address is on my Dads birth cert and 15 years later the Family moved to harolds Cross. I was hoping some Historian on here could fill me in with where it was.
Alan C24/09/2009Old Kilmainham is a street name which still exists, so Egan Villa was most likely a house on this street.

You might find it in the online 1911 census of Ireland, all of the houses of Old Kilmainham are listed here by number:

You would need to know the name of the occupants in 1911 to find the house number, then you can easily find the location of the house today.

There are two people with the name Morris on the street in 1911, any relation?

You can also see this street in a map of Dublin from 1876
Ray Morris25/09/2009Hi Alan,
My Dads Birth Cert has him living in Egan Villa in 1894 His name was Charles Morris. His Father Joseph Morris. His Brother Francis Morris and Sister Margareth Morris.

The 1911 census has them living at 130 Harolds Cross road. Can you tell me who was living in Old Kilmainham of the Morris name in1911. I cannot find the page you mention in your link, and there is no number for Egan Villa on the Birth Cert.

Thank you very much for the help you have given me so far. Ray
Ray Morris25/09/2009Hi Alan,

since I wrote last post , I found the two entrys for Morris. I don't think they are family.

Is there an entry for 1901 Census?.

Alan C25/09/2009The 1901 census is not yet online, but you can contact the National Archives if you wish to search it. It will be available online in a couple of years.

The Dublin Street Directory 1862 is available online and you will not see any Egan Villa in Old Kilmainham, but there is an interesting coincidence. There is a Mrs Egan living in 48 Old Kilmainham, which is the same address as a Mary Morris in 1911.
catherine currivan25/09/2009According to their website the 1901 census is coming fully online betweeen late 2009 and early 2010.
Ray Morris25/09/2009I have just heard that the owner of the "Black Lion" Pub was owned by a Mr Egan for a 100 years and the yard next door was called Egan yard. Did it contain a Villa within?

Ray Morris
Alan C25/09/2009The Black Lion, in 1911 was in what was known as New Kilmainham, and your father seems to have been born in Old Kilmainham.
Ray Morris25/09/2009Hi all, Thanks Catherine and Alan, I think I will have to wait for the 1901 Census
Alan C03/06/2010Hi Ray, the 1901 census is online today and I think this is the entry for your father:

It seems he lived at 11, Wolsley Street in 1901 aged 6.
I hope u check this site