Inchicore to get new Postcode from 2011

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Local Resident21/09/2009I'm sure many people remember that the part of Dublin 10 along Sarsfield Road used to be known as Inchicore, Dublin 8. But then An Post changed it to Dublin 10 some years ago as a result it's now become known as Ballyfermot.

Well it seems like Inchicore (along with the rest of the Country) will get new postcodes from 2011.

Your address in Inchicore will now be: Inchicore, D08 xxx (where xxx is a numeric three digit number)

For example, Tyrconnel Park might get several codes, the CIE Estate might get several codes and the Bulfin Estate mighe get several codes. Remember, there will be 999 codes within the whole of Dublin 8, so the codes can be very specific.

For example, Connolly Gardens might be D08 950 and Connolly Avenue might be D08 951. Or North Terrace might be D08 960 and South Terrace might be D08 961.

Will people be concerned the new system, believing that it would influence prestige, house prices and insurance costs?

I wonder will Sarsfield Road be known as Sarsfield Road D10 xxx or Sarsfield Road D08 xxx ??

Source: The Irish Times today the 21st September, 2009

(I've copied bits of the article below)

"The Minister for Communications, Eamon Ryan, has announced that the Government is to introduce of a national postal code system from 2011."

"The Department said it was envisaged that an alpha-numeric postal system (ABC 123) would be used to identify clusters of houses. This would read, for example, as Ms A Murphy, Blue Building, Pearse Street D02 123 or Mr B Collins, Main Street, Athlone, ATH 123."

"Postcodes may also be resisted by people who are attached to existing addresses, or who are concerned the new system would influence prestige, house prices and insurance costs."
AP22/09/2009I think this is a very good idea as the current postcodes are very limited and not very specific. For example D8 is very broad and can mean anything from South circular road to Thomas street to Inchicore. This will greatly improve our postage system especially on an international level.
Paul22/09/2009Here on North Terrace (Inchicore Terrace North?) we don't seem to exist when it comes to the electoral register (part of Sarsfield Road, somehow) and many satnav systems.

And as for taxis drivers, don't start....("I'm out the front now, son". "No, you're not" "I am, in front of the green gate and blue door" "That would be on the square, not the terrace" "Sorry, guv, what was that address again?")

The new system seems a bit vague - surely there are more than 999 roads in some counties/Dublin areas - but anything's an improvement.