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Mary17/09/2009Hello there, first time user, fantastic website. Just wondering about the Gaelscoil Inse Chor. Would be interested in feedback on the school as we have our daughter on the list for Sept 2010. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
Jo20/09/2009Our son has just finished his 8 years at the Gaelscoil and it was a great school for him - good teachers, great environment - would recommend it to anyone.
Mary28/09/2009Thanks Jo
linda30/09/2009my two sons attended gaelscoil /eldest in transition yr now/youngest in first yr this year/great school/acedemic standard very high and also great interest in music and sports .teachers are very dedicated with minium sick leave and they also attend matches /concerts in their own time/good parents committee also .My lads were both very happy there.great school
Gillian20/11/2009Hi Mary, My daughter just started attending Gaelscoil Inse Chor this year moving from another Gaelscoil and I cannot say enough about the smooth transition the school has provided. A great atmosphere in the school, lovely kids and nice ethos. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the school. Best wishes. Gillian.
Mary26/11/2009Thanks for your messages. We got a letter this week saying there will be 30 places for next September. But we just got news today that our daughter has a place in the Naionra from January so hopefully that'll help her get a place in the school. Thanks again.