More new businesses in the area

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Alan C14/09/2009As well as the recently opened four star pizza cafe/takeaway and st pats shop, Spar on SCR in Kilmainham have extended to a Eurospar and have an Insomnia coffee shop there. The coffee shop seems to be doing well so far even though it just opened a few days ago. Also the office block in the Chocolate Factory is now being fitted out for, it looks like they are fitting out the whole building now which is great news for the area. Also looks like the might be fitting out one of the retail units on the chocolate factory site. I noticed the new shop opposite eurospar in inchicore behing fitted out too. Thats more activity than during the boom, its great to see the area improving all the time.
Melanie 14/09/2009I'm not sure about shop opposite Eurospa, as when I asked them some months ago what the shop would be, I was told a Kebab place. Which it clearly is if you look through the glass - I'm very nosey.
That makes 3 Kebab places within 30 seconds walk of my front door. I'm not sure it will open.
Ian15/09/2009I also believe a new pet shop is opening across the road from the Jamal restaraunt on Emmet Road. Good to see that the empty units are starting to be filled..
Paul15/09/2009A pet shop will do well here. I have to hoike a 3kg bag of catfood on my bike from town every month because there's nowhere else to get it.

Alan, what's this about amazon coming? I assume it's an IT or call centre operation?
John Farrelly17/12/2009Spoke to a guy in HT Meagher about developments at HSQ, he said there has been some dealys with the handover of the Superquinn store but that handover is scheduled for January and Superquinn have 20 weeks to fit the store, also a Pharmacy has opened there and they are in discussions with a doctor and dentist. A subway store is also open for business.
AP17/12/2009With regards to pet shops, there is a massive Whackers pet shop on the Long mile road. Its a bit handier than town and i find the cat food prices quite reasonable. My only problem with it is that they have a couple of ring-tailed lemurs for sale which have been there for quite a few months now, this upsets me :-(