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mary mccarthy09/08/2009Can anyone tell me if there are other books about Inchicore/Kilmainham apart from Seosamh O'Broins book
Alan C09/08/2009I dont know of any, but you could pop into the local library, they will know and they have a dedicated section for local interest (local being Dublin).
Alan C09/08/2009I dont know of any, but you could pop into the local library, they will know and they have a dedicated section for local interest (local being Dublin).
Catherine Currivan09/08/2009I suppose you've heard of "The Works" by Greg Ryan.(1996) It was in Kilmainham Library up till recently. I also saw it in Monastery Rd. Library,Clondalkin last week. A great book!
Paul Cullen09/08/2009There's a historical pamphlet on Kilmainham by Colum Kenny but I don't think it deals much with modern times.

I think Seosamh is planning a second volume; does anyone know if he has completed it or has found a publisher?
Paul Cullen09/08/2009I've also come across this book on Amazon, but I don't know anything about it...

Nora: An Ordinary Girl from Inchicore (Paperback) by Nora Szechy

Has anyone read this, or know anything more about it???
Michael O'Flanagan09/08/2009Yeah Paul, I've read the book...... it's really well written...... very informative....... about Nora Wright who was born in Keogh's Square, moved to Railway Avenue and later to Kickham Road. The description of her school days in Goldenbridge Convent and life during the War (ie. 1939-45) are well worth reading. The book is not listed in the National Library but can be bought through Amazon. The first 5 chapters can be read free of charge online via Google Books.
Michael O'Flanagan10/08/2009And two other books have been published (1) Across The Century....... a history The Oblates in Inchicore to mark their centenary here, and (2) Roger Outlaw by Eithne Massey….. the story of the most influential Prior of Kilmainham in the 1300’s. Seosamh O’ Broin is working on his second volume on Inchicore& Kilmainham, Liam O’Meara is working on a History of Richmond Barracks and I am compiling a Local Dictionary of Biography for Kilmainham & Inchicore. Of course there is a substantial history section attached to this website.
Catherine Currivan13/08/2009It's a small world,Michael. I recognised the name Eithne Massey as a neighbour who used to live near us on Killeen Rd. before the area became industrialized.It's the same girl because I recognize her photo on the web. Had no idea she was a published historian!
Michael O'Flanagan13/08/2009Yeah Catherine….. and her book has the imprimatur of Maynooth! It is a work of great scholarship and available from Emmet Road Library.
Michael O'Flanagan28/08/2009Seosamh O Broin's book Inchicore, Kilmainham and District, which was out of print has now been re-printed. Further Information from Tel. 4535814
Hugh Oram01/10/2009Hi:I'd very much like to make contact with Liam O'Meara,about an article I'm writing on the late Michael Hartnett.Many thanks and best regards,Hugh Oram,tel.660 8265/086 0312607.
Nora Szechy25/09/2010I wrote a memoir about growing up in Inchicore entitled "NORA: An Ordinary Girl from Inchicore." by Nora Szechy.
I won Irish-born writer of the year award in 2007. "NORA" is available in most Dublin libraries, in some Dublin book shops and on Amazon.
Lilybarlean07/07/2011'Nora' is available from Inchicore library. My mother got it there last month and really enjoyed it. Read it in one sitting!
Micheal O Doibhilin13/09/2011I don't kow if these are what you're looking for, but I have a small publishing company and have published four books to date - "Ruin to Restoration" by Rory O'Dwywer and myself about the restoration of Kilmainham Gaol; "Anne Devlin" - a prisoner in teh Gaol and one-time resident in Inchicore (though no-one knows where!); "Bully's Acre" - the history of the graveyard by Paul O'Brien. These are under the imprint of "Kilmainham Tales" - and more will follow. All are small books (to keep costs down) but exceptionally well designed, and every one is fully indexed. They vary from 32-44 pages, are fully illustrate, with full cover covers.
More will follow in time

Michael O'Flanagan14/10/2011Heaps of Trouble, by Emelyn Heaps is a story about being brought up in a toy shop situated in Emmet Road, Inchicore, Dublin, and the title sums up what it’s all about – trouble, in one form or another.
It is an account of my youth during the late 1950s and 1960s with parents who spent most of their time at logger heads with each other. It details my younger days spent at Goldenbridge Convent, the explosion that killed my sister and the subsequent court case in search of ‘compo’. I explain how the outcome of this tragic event affected me and my parents and the general mischief that I got up to as a streetwise gurrier during my teens. There are also some tales of attending school at CUS in Leeson Street and working as a porter in St James Hospital during the summer holidays.
‘It’s all been written before,’ you might cry, but not about Inchicore and not in the humorous vein that I have depicted, all centred around what had been a vibrant toy shop before the accident in 1966.
From the first page to the heart-stopping finish, I draw you into my triumphs and disasters with hilarity and sadness never far away. And then there is a love story that has lasted some forty-one years.
Mary Mc17/10/2011Michael, thanks for letting us know about that book, it sounds interesting.
Catherine Currivan21/10/2011I remember Everybody's shop! We lived at Fox and Geese and used to shop in Inchicore a lot. Lavin's, Stumpf's, O'Reilly's! Tierney's from Clondalkin used to have a drapery shop around Grattan Crescent. Great times!
Lena O'Neill05/12/2011I grew up on the grand canal at the 2nd lock. I remember Parsons Paints factory, but beside it were a group of houses that you went through a gate and there were 5/6 houses and a garden. This would be where Hennessys building is. I would love to know the history of these houses. Also in l901 there was a brickworks at the 1st Lock at Suir Road, does anyone have information of this?