joe carr-famous golfer from inchicore

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ray mcgovern08/08/2009joe was born joe waters in turvey ave in 1922- adopted by his aunt kathleen carr,and reared in portmarnock golfclub where she was manageress.when her hisband jim carr from belfast died she had to return to emmet road and lived over oreillys butchers - now the st pats
sports shop .i have long sought to have a plaque there in his honour as the nearby place of his birth is also demolished .
my mother was joes first cousin and she was employed in the golfclub when joe was a child . she helped in his upbringing .
joe was educated at o'connells schools and at this time was heavily involved in schoolboys golf and his first senior achievement was runner up at the east of ireland championship at baltray
in 1939 . his first job was as trainee manager in todd burns where he learned the ladies fashion business which his company" carr mcdonald "dominated into the seventies .
he won three british amateur opens was runner up in many more. was player and captain of the walker cup
for thirty years .he was a green jacket at augusta national at the invitation of the great ben hogan -he was captain of the rayal and ancient in scotland in the nineties and after his death in 2004 he was proposed for the elite golfers hall of fame by his great friend jack niclaus
Catherine Currivan08/08/2009I've just been reading this out to my mother and, apart from the fact that Joe Carr was a renowned golfer,he was also an icon in the fashion trade around Dublin in those days. She was in the accounts dept. in Roches Stores at the time. Thanks for the memory!
mary mccarthy09/08/2009Joe Carr was born to George and Mary Water and adopted when he was 10 days old. He was the fifth of seven children, did they remain in Inchicore. Were any other well known people born in Inchicore. I heard the Mother of the Nolan sisters hails from here. Just curious
Catherine Currivan09/08/2009The Bachelors from Tyrconnell Park.
Remember "Charmaine" "Diane", "Ramona".Just saw them on "Reeling in the Years" the other day. Early Sixties Top of the Pops.
Michael O'Flanagan09/08/2009The Following have connections significant or otherwise with Inchicore or Kilmainham…Aqua Walter del Aqua,Allison Edward,Altham Lord Arthur,Anglin Frances,Annesley James,
Archer John Le, Ardagh Sean,Aspinall John,Atock Lt. George,Auchmuty Sir Samuel,Behan Brendan,Bermingham Willie,Bolingbroke Henry, Boru Brian,Bulleid Oliver,Briscoe Ben, Briscoe Robert,Brohy, V. Rev. James,Bradstreet Simon, Brabazon William, Bulfin William,
Butler James ,Butler Thomas, Butler Sir Toby,Butt Isaac, Burke Honora ,Burley Thomas de
Byrne Catherine, Byrne Damien , Byrne Eric, Byrne James,Callan John de Canavan, Canon George,Carey James, Carr Joe, Cavendish Lord,Ceannt Eamonn Clare Richard FitzGilbert de
Clarke Thomas,Cloghall Hugh,Cloncurry Lord, Cluskey Declan,Colbert Con,Comerford Eilish.,Conaghan Michael ,Connolly James , Cosgrave William Thomas , Conyngham WM Burton. , Cornwallis Charles, Costner Rev PW, Cusack Cecillia, Daly Edward ,Deasy Joe Deery Richard, De Mazenod Eugene, Devlin Anne ,Devoy John, Dilkes General, Dixon JamesKevin Doyle,Doyle Peadar,Doyle Cannon James,Doyle Joseph ,Donnagh William,Dolan Pat Donnelly Dan,Dowling Patrick, Dunn George ,Egan John Bully, Emmet Robert, Fallon Michael, Faulkner Thomas Todd, Fee Patrick, Fitz Roger Flanagan Ald. Michael, Flanagan The Bird, Fleming Curtis, Gallagher John, Galway Lord ,Gibbons Shay,Gilhooly Thomas , Gormley Eddie, Guinness Arthur, Hamilton James, Hamilton Nobel, Harcourt Simon, Harney Mary, Hartnett Michael, HarrisWilliam, Hawkins Colin,Hayes Nuala, Henderson Dave, Henderson John, Heuston Seán, Hines James , Jackson David
Kavanagh Linda, Kavanagh Patrick , Kearney Peadar, Keating Sir James, Kerr Brian, Kinsella Thomas, Kelly Fr. Matthew, Kelly Oisin, Kennedy Edward Kickham Charles Lancaster Thomas Larkin Jim,Lawlor Liam,Lawlor Patrick,Leahy Eamon, Ledwidge Francis, Lemeass Sean, Lemeass Eileen, Lenihan Brian,Lennox Charles Levin NathanLube Dean Andrew, Luby Thomas, Maighneann Saint, MacBride John, MacConghail Fiach, MacDiarmada Sean , McDonnell John, MacGiolla Tomás, McGonagle Declan, Magrath James, McGrath Paul, Maguire Imelda, McKenna John, Macklin Charles, McLarin Jimmy, Mallin Michael, Markievicz Countess, MacTomáis Eamonn, Mason John, Martin Archbishop Diarmuid, Maunsell Richard, Maxwell Sir John ,Mbabazi Charles Livingstone, Meade Joseph, Mitchell Jim, Mitchell Gay, Michael Mulcahy, Miles Thomas Mills Kathleen, Mills Rev. Thomas, Moore, Rev. Michael, Molloy Trevor, McNutt Albert ThompsonMoncks PatrickMonks Joe, Montgomery William, Murray T.C., McMurrogh Art, Nash Andrew, Nash Rev GD, Nicholson James, Neachtain Brid Ni, Neligan J.B…Nolan Rev. James…O’Connell Daniel, O'Connell John, O’Flaherty Morogh, O’Grady Standish, O’Leary John , O’Nolan Brian, Osam Paul, Ó Snodaigh Aengus, Outlaw Roger, Palmer Major James, Parnell Charles Stewart, Partridge William, Pearse Patrick, Pilkington Mrs, Plunkett Joseph Mary, Prendergast Maurice, Proctor Rev Richard, Radclyffe Thomas, Rawson John, Russell Thomas, Richard John Fitz. Ridgeway R.W, Rivers, Very Rev. Valentine, Rolfe Nigel, Ross William de RossRourke John Ryan, Father Thomas, Sadler William, Sarsfield Patrick, Savage Francis, Scully Sean, Sheares John & Henry, Sidney Sir Henry, Smithers Bobby, Smyth Rev. John,,Spring Thomas Steal Robert,Stuart James,Swan Major,Taylor Rev. H. McVittie,Temple Sir John Toler, JohnTrevor, Edward, Tyrconnell The Earl of, Ufford Sir Ralph de,Upton Mary, Vosser John,Warfield Brian,Warfield Derek, Wolseley Lord.
Gerry Mc Geough10/08/2009Micheal, that is an astounding list!
Michael O'Flanagan10/08/2009Thanks Gerry........ I've just added a biography of Joe Carr to the History section.
gerry mc geough12/08/2009Micheal, are you aware of the upcoming replay of the 1889 all ireland final between dublin and clare to be played in the pond field on the 19th of sept to commemorate the 120th anniversary of inchicore hosting the final?
there is a lot of work going on in the background and we are in need of a historian to point us the right direction on many matters relating to that time.
Michael O'Flanagan12/08/2009"Nobody tells me anything." I was totally unaware that this very worthwhile event was being planned. I have very little expertise on GAA matters. Seosamh O’Broin has dealt with this very comprehensively in his book “ Inchicore , Kilmainham and District.” Nonetheless, thanks again Gerry.
ray mcgovern17/08/2009joe carrs natural mother was called "missy".her maiden name was macdonagh , the mcdonaghs were a large family that lived in 54 old kilmainham . their mother was maryann costigan my grand aunt . my own mother charlotte costigan who would have been 100 years old on the 9th of august this year 2009 was also born in that house. she was very close to joe carr and her centenery prompted me to bring out the story of inchicores greatest ever sportsman . older residents of emmet road would remember all the macdonaghs living at 92 emmet road - i remember being taken there as a child by the hand . its barackaded up now as they have all died out .they did a lively trade in carr mcdonalds very fashionable ladies coats
ray mcgovern20/08/2009jim carr british army officer from belfast , retired in 1922 when joe carr(waters) was brought to portmarnock in which he as steward and his wife kathleen -joes real aunt -was manageress. the three of them travelled to rosslare co wexford by car for the the occasion of my mothers wedding to charles f mcgovern the working at the mail boat terminal for gs&w railway . my mothers father had been transferred as a train driver from
dublin - michael costigan was a native of bow lane - to the new cross channel terminal . all my cousins now still live in wexford as a result .joe carr visited wexford many times to maintain the connection as did his brothers and sisters the waters . my mother after her marriage returned to inchicore to jamestown road - where i still live today
Michael O'Flanagan20/08/2009Oh! In addition to the above list I forgot to mention that these people, living or dead, were also significant in their contributions to Inchicore and Kilmainham over the years.. ArdiffPrinters, BarnwellStephen,BeahanDerek,Bennet Olga,Bermingham Gary,Berry PatrickBoles William,Butler George,Brooks Charlotte,Brooker William,Carberry Cannon Philip, Canavan Bride,Cooke Eddie,Clear Noel, Cullen Paul,Cullens The,Collinge Lenny, Cooke Robert Francis, Costigan William OMI, Clune Rev Fr. S, Corcoran Bro Christopher ,Cooke Rev Fr. OMI, Daly Rev Fr. William, Doyle Sean, Doyle Joseph,Dunphy Paddy,Dunne Martin,Downes Martin, Dixon James, Dowdall Charlie, Drum’s Public House,Enright John, Fagan Tom, Fagan Rita, Fortune John, Fox Tony, Foley Theo, Foley Dan & Jim, Flanagan Pops Fitzsimons Fr Richard , Fee Cannon , Gartlans, Goggins Billy, Hendrick Jim, Howard Quaker John, Holohan Edward, Horan Father, Irwin Master, Joynt Ernest, Kavanagh Margaret, Kavanagh Michael,Kavanagh Flash Fr. , Kenny John, Kennedy Sr. Jo, Kirkham Daddy, Kenny Thomas, Kelly Ann, Kelly Joseph, Kealy Rev Fr. William, Kilmartin Bro,Lacy Peter, Lanigan Ken, Lannigan Br. Leo,Lawrence Sylvester, Leahy Rev Fr. J., Leonard John, Littleton Patrick, Mooney Mary, McManus Charlie, Mulcahy Rev Fr, Meleady Rev Fr. Thomas, McMahon Pauline, Morton Richard, McGunn Joe, McGrath May, Magill Archdeacon PP, Mooney Phil, Mangan Molly, Massingberd Oswald, McElroy Paddy, McGregor Liam, May Michael, McGuirk Phillis, McGonacle Declan, Macken Lilly, MacNamara Denis, Murray Patrick, Murray Denis, McGill Cannon William, Mc Kinley Gaoler,Meyler Walter, Moran John, Minch Michael, Monaghan Patrick, McBirney David, Moore Scott Francis, McDonnell Alexandar, Moore Labarte Joseph, Morgan Paddy, Mulhall Bro Anthony, Newenham Sir Edward, Nowlan Rev Fr. James OMI, O’Brien Eileen, O Broin Seosamh, O’Connor Rev Fr. Aidan OMI, O’Mahony Michael, O’Ryan Rev Fr. T, O’Kelly Mathias, O’Sullivan Fr. John, Penrose Michael, Power PJ, Phelan Rev Fr. P, Quigley Simon, Radcliffe Jas, Ring Fr. William, Ryan Fr. “Da”, Ryan William, Reagan Bobby, Reilly Jimmy, Richard Rev Fr. Gustave OMI , Ring Rev Fr. OMI, Scott Roy, Sheridan Thomas, Sheehy Nicholas, Sheey Nicholas, Shannon Bartholomew, Sullivan Bart, Spratt John, Short Michael, Smyth James, Shiels Mo, Sutcliffe Mr, Scott Bill, Stumpf Mr, Trainer Rev Fr. E., Tyrell Granny, Tighe Tom, Trundle Tom, Toft William, Young Henry, Tuite Francis, Willans Obadiah, Wall Tom,Wilson George, Wall Dan. If I’ve left anyone out please let me know!!
catherine currivan22/08/2009Stumpf's the Butcher's ! Remember Lavin's? Dr. Rochford who was on the Core side of Tyrconnell Rd.? And the Wimpey(where love stories began.)
catherine currivan22/08/2009There was a shop,O'Reilly's which sold novelty toys. My brother who went to The Model often bought things there. I seem to recall "Brassinton's" a timber merchant's opposite The Oblates and highly visible from the top deck of the 51 bus.
Mary mc22/08/2009 Marie Brady is someone who should get a mentin, also John O'Brien. Wally O'Shea was a great person in Vincent de Paul as is Margaret Sommerville at present. Phil McGibney and Kay O'Keeffe, Mary Keogh
mary mc23/08/2009mr &mrs jack hayes fostered 208 children. Peter Hartnett and Betty Hartnett and Nan Murray
mary mc23/08/2009Michael your list could go on forever. Mick Donohoe who was caretaker of Goldenbridge Cemetery
catherine currivan23/08/2009Here's a question! Where's "The Bungalow" in Inchicore? My dad's brother's wife,Nancy Coates(nee Brady) R.I.P. was always referred to as coming from "The Bungalow" It's a real local placename like "The Mill Yard" in Clondalkin.
catherine currivan23/08/2009Just heard another number from "The Bachelors" on the radio. "I wouldn't trade you for the world." Must check them out on You Tube.
Michael O'Flanagan23/08/2009A new article has been added to the history section on The Little Sisters of The Poor
t jones23/08/2009who remembers dan walls. the snooker hall and cafe
Catherine Currivan25/08/2009Found out where "The Bungalow" was:an area between Ring St. and what is now Tyrconnell Pk. Hope we don't lose these place names not on the map like the "pond field" in the CIE and "the hillocks "which used to be where Yellow Meadows housing estate is now.
Eileen Anne Stapleton11/04/2012Hi, my name is Eileen Stapleton my maiden name was Mc Donough, my father was Joseph Leo Mc Donough bother of Mary and Kathleen Mc Donough,,, so Joe Carr is my First cousin,
I remember visiting Goarge Walters when I was a little girl, they lived in Tipton England . I also remember visiting my auntie Teso and uncle Thomas
In Dublin Ireland, I never met Joe Carr myself, but I did meet his brothers. I would love to hear more about your mother, Kind regards Eileen
joan byrne25/04/2012dose anyone remember getting all dolled up on a saturday night to boogie down in sargent peppers [st, micheals parish community centre] or bulfin hall when paddy madden r.i.p. was the bouncer. great memories
Eileen Stapleton31/07/2012Hi thanks to Ray Mc Govern I have been able to find out so much about my family, the information you suplied about the Mc Donoughs and the Costigans on this page has been so helpful, Thank you,, I hope your well , Kind regards Eileen
Liam Hyland21/01/2013I left Emmet Rd. 55 years ago,aged 22. Used to live at No.11 opposite the library.Our playground was across the Camac under the walls of the jail.I was in the same class as Con Clusky(Bachelors) in St.Michaels CBS.Anyone recall Sunday night dancing in the Mhuire? Father Devine intervening if you got too close to your dance partner.Having your shoes resoled by Johnny Whelan.The excitement when Jack Doyle turned up at the Rose Tavern with the movie "actress" Movita.And the back seat at the Inchicore cinema.Priceless past.
SHEA CARROL23/01/2013Liam,I have lived in 11 Emmet Road since 1987.If you are ever in the area and would like to look around your old home feel free to call in.We might even manage Tea and Biscuits!
Liam Hyland23/01/2013Thanks Shea.I took my grandson to see it about eight years ago.Nostalgia.Is the orchard still at the back?Nicked many a bagful of pears from it.Now retired in Ashford,Kent.Served my time in the ESB.Neighbours were Thomsons,Callaghans ,Lowry,Corbetts,O'Driscolls,Sullivans,Bevans.All gone I imagine.Slainte.
Shea Carroll24/01/2013Liam,Norman Thompson and Jimmy O Driscoll still live on the road.The rest of the names I`m not familiar with.The Orchard is now an apartment block.Hope you`re enjoying your retirement.
Michael O'Flanagan17/02/2013Hi! Guys I just put a photo of The orchard up on the Gallery. Hope you like.
Liam Hyland17/02/2013Corner of South Circular and Emmet Rd.Many an ice cream I had from there!!!!However the orchard in question was at the rear of Nos 13 to 19 Emmet Rd. and belonged to the Rose Tavern.
Shea Carroll18/02/2013That`s a great photo Michael! I notice that there are no cars parked on the footpath either!
Finbarr Roche05/03/2013Hi Michael
I see a Tom Tighe on your list. Is this old railway Tom Tighe? He built the train used to train signalmen and guardsmen. it was in the training section just inside of the Rings Street gate. He was also the man who designed and built the Fry's railway which was in Malahide Castle. I worked on the Butt Bridge section with him. I was always disappointed that he did not get more credit for the work that he done on the project.
regards Finbarr Ex Works 1961 to 1983
Tony Obrien26/06/2013Still Quite a few Familys ,That were Lnked to The Ralway Works , stll Live in The Area. And i Still call The green Area The Bungalow.its takes in the Railway Houses, ring st.railway ave, new road. and of course when we were Kids the green In The Middle .which is a Playarea Today. The green was were we spent most of our childhood. Great 5 a sides soccer ect every summer. then after the final match was played, it was off to slats lounge and bar. Graet Days, Great People.
Kathleen Currivan29/06/2013The Currivans are here since John Currivan came up from Tipp. to work for the railway around 1900. Love being near my roots. My own family, Coateses,have been in Clondalkin village for centuries, according to old records. As you get older you become closer to your origins, I think.
Kathleen Currivan30/06/2013The Currivans are here since John Currivan came up from Tipp. to work for the railway around 1900. Love being near my roots. My own family, Coateses,have been in Clondalkin village for centuries, according to old records. As you get older you become closer to your origins, I think.
Pat Donnelly30/07/2013Hi Michael,
I'm doing genealogical research of the Tuite family who were bakers in Dublin in the nineteenth century. I know Francis Tuite had a mill in Kilmainham and was a corn chandler of 84 James's St. I wonder if the Francis on your list of August 2009 is connected in any way.
By the way, I'm a niece of the late Fr. Joseph Horan OMI who is also on your list.
I would appreciate any help on the matter.
Pat Donnelly30/07/2013Hi Michael,
I'm doing genealogical research of the Tuite family who were bakers in Dublin in the nineteenth century. I know Francis Tuite had a mill in Kilmainham and was a corn chandler of 84 James's St. I wonder if the Francis on your list of August 2009 is connected in any way.
By the way, I'm a niece of the late Fr. Joseph Horan OMI who is also on your list.
I would appreciate any help on the matter.
Eileen Stapleton/nee Mc Donough24/10/2013Hi everyone, I hope you can help me,, I am coming over to Dublin on the 4th of November for a few days, and would love to know if anyone remembers the Mc Donough's of Old kilmainham Road, My father was born at 54 Old Kilmainham Road in 1901, The Mc Donough's then moved to turvey ave, please any information about them would be great, thank you