What happened to the Inchicore village festival?

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AP05/08/2009We haven't had the Inchicore village festival for a number of years now. Does anyone know what happened to it or if there are plans for this to happen again in the future?
mary mccarthy05/08/2009There are no plans to hold the Village Festival. The reasons are lack of funding, members and lack of interest from locals
F.Kelliher05/08/2009It would be great to see a festival in Inchicore. I've only lived in the area for the last 2 years so can you fill me in on what the festivals were like?
mary mc05/08/2009The festival was held for a number of years and consisted of events in the local pubs, free visits to Kilmainham Jail,
soccer, basketball and fishing for the young people. There was a story-telling night, poetry night and a evening in C.I.E hall( Paddy Cole was there one year) There were a lot on for the week.
Art and Photographic Exhibits also