Metro and Dart Underground key to councils' Dublin plan

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CH30/07/2009The article copied in full below is from the Irish Times of Thursday, July 30, 2009 and is written by Frank McDonald, Environment Editor. It was announced today that the Dart Underground Project will now be campaigned for by all 4 Dublin Area Local Councils (Dublin City Council, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin County Council). This is great news for Inchicore as the Dart Underground plan includes our very own Dart station! It's an opportunity for Inchicore not to be missed !

Metro, Dart key to councils' Dublin plan
FRANK McDONALD, Environment Editor

DUBLIN’S LOCAL authorities are to campaign for the completion of Metro North and Dart underground as part of an economic development action plan aimed at developing the capital as an internationally competitive region.

The objective is to “position the Dublin city region, the engine of Ireland’s economy, as a significant hub in the European knowledge economy through a network of thriving sectoral and spatial clusters providing a magnet for creative talent and investment”.

This ties in with the Government’s new Smart Economy policy, which focuses on translating innovation into valuable processes, products and services.

The plan, launched yesterday, recognises that city regions are important drivers of national economies and that Dublin constitutes “the only international city region in Ireland” with a population significantly in excess of one million.

Lord Mayor Emer Costello said: “Businesses primarily locate in cities and their competitiveness is determined by the performance of the city, by the quality of its infrastructure, its development capacity and the mix of skilled and talented people.”

Noting the involvement of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin county councils, she said the plan was the first of its kind in the region. “We need a visionary leadership to deliver Dublin’s agenda,” she added. “The significance of having a single political voice has proven a successful concept in other city regions.”

Among the initiatives proposed are plans to “generate a brand” for the Dublin city region and to develop the Creative Dublin Alliance, a collaboration between local government, business and third-level institutions.

The action plan also proposes to develop “key economic corridors” to the south, north and west of the city, including the Metro North corridor, the Naas Road corridor and a southern corridor including Sandyford and Cherrywood. It also pledges to “embed economic criteria in the planning process”.

They are also to lobby for major infrastructural projects that are seen to be “critical to the economic success of the city”, including Metro North, Dart underground, broadband roll-out, waste and water management and a “definitive decision” on future of Dublin Port.

“Intellectual enterprise zones” are to target newly unemployed people who have the potential to become entrepreneurs. Support for the delivery of local cultural strategies and Dublin’s creative industries is seen as “essential”.

Cllr Mary Freehill, who chairs the Dublin Regional Authority, said publication of the action plan was “timely, not just because of the very serious climate . . . but also because we are at the draft stages of development plans in the four authorities”.

Alan C31/07/2009That is the most ridiculous headline. The metro and dart Underground were not planned by the Council and the council have had no involvement in the current plans.

What it does mean for Inchicore I guess is that if Irish Rail need to use any council land for the project the Council will let them.
Otherwise this story adds nothing to the discussion already going on in this forum.
CH05/08/2009Dublin City Council has a very well defined statutory involvement in the project.

Irish Rail is the party who will be applying for the Railway Order (i.e. "the planning permission") for the dart underground project.

Irish Rail are currently in consultations with An Bord Pleanala in the lead up to the Railway Order application and Dublin City Council is an active party to those consultations. The An Bord Pleanala Case reference is PL29N.NC0006 and details are at:

Dublin City Council can make submissions to and participate in the Oral Hearing.

The newsworthiness of Frank McDonald's Irist Times article is that the 4 Dublin Local Authorities have put forward a united front in recognising that the Dart Underground is fundamental infrastructure investment required in Dublin for future
sustainable economic growth and aagreeing that they will each lobby to ensure its delivery.