Was "Berry" English or Irish?

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Orla29/07/2009Hi, I'm in the process of trying to find a proper Irish translation for the apt. block I live in - Berry's Close. I've been in touch with the Place Names Commission, and explained to them the historical background of the name Berry. It's a surname btw. They have come back to me with: "Clós Uí Bhéara" as an appropriate translation, and have informed the Dublin City Council of their decision. But they also explained to me that there are two versions of the name Berry. One comes from the Irish Ó Béara and the other is of an English origin. If the person (a surgeon I believe), whom Berry's Close was named after was English, then the correct translation should be "Clós Berry", and not "Clós Uí Bhéara". So my question is: Was Berry English or Irish? Anyone out there with an indepth knowledge of the history of inchicore? Thanks :-)

My question is, does anyone out there, with an indepth knowledge of the history of Inchicore know if Berry (who lived around Spa Road) was English or Irish? If he was English then the name should be "Clós Berry", rather than Clós Uí Bhéara.
Catherine Currivan29/07/2009That's very interesting. This person Berry must have distinguished himself considering that a place is named after him.
Orla30/07/2009I heard he was a surgeon. I also heard he was a land owner. Just want to be absolutely sure.