National Archives 1911 and C.I.E. Estate.

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Catherine Currivan22/07/2009The household returns for 1911 are very interesting. I found the Currivans (husbands family) at 3 North Terrace although the family subsequently lived at no.26. I wonder did many families move house within the estate? It sure is a historical goldmine!
mary mccarthy22/07/2009People moved house around Dublin frequently in 1900. My family moved 4 times in 20 years
Arthur15/08/2009From the 1911 cencus, I discovered that my grand parents are from Railway Terrace, Tighe and O`Brien.
If any body got any info I would really appricate it
catherine currivan15/08/2009There appears to have been Tighe families living in St. Patrick's Terrace and on Sarsfield Rd. It seems to be predominantly a Galway name.
tom currivan09/10/2009hello Catherine, my grandfather John was born in no. 3. his only child is my father George, late of Bluebell. Id like to see if we are related.

Best wishes to you and yours,

Tom Currivan
ALAN HALFORD08/01/2010Hi Tom,

I remember your father.
I lived in St Georges Villas around the time he past away.

You might remember the Halfords?

Alan Halford
Catherine Currivan04/04/2010Hello, Tom,
Only just saw your post! It was written a good few months ago.We live in George's Villas. My husband is the Currivan. My own name is Coates.
Hilo's(my husband's) father was George.He passed away in 1980. He was originally from 26 North Terrace but moved into George's Villas in 1953 with his wife and family. I know that the Currivans are originally from Tipperary because my husband's brother did the family tree thing.
Catherine Currivan04/04/2010Tom,
I think your grandfather, John, was an older brother of my husband's father, George. He must have died young because I knew Hilo's other uncles. Check out the census of 1911.
Catherine Currivan05/04/2010Tom,
I have looked at the census again.(at no 3 Nth Tce.) I never met Alfred, John, Mary or Margaret. Hilo's dad used to talk about his sister "Mamie" who was still alive and living in Wicklow. I presume this was Margaret who was only two in 1911.She would have been seventy-one when he died in 1980. There were just four years between John and George, my father-in-law.
Mary T02/07/2010Hi, My Father was born in either 16 / 17 North Terrace. Gaynor. 1915/16. They moved to 3 Georges Villas later My Grandad William was the 1st Catholic Foreman Smitty in the works. Old Ranch family. I knew some of the Currivan family alright
Tom Currivan20/12/2010Hello Catherine. Tom Currivan here. Terrible sorry about the huge time lapse. George, was born in 1901 He was station master of Waterford railway station. Thats all I have on him. I got this info from the late Dessie Currivan. This is all I have for now. Have a great Christmas, OK. TC
Tom Currivan20/12/2010Hello Alan, Sorry I did'nt reply to your enquiry earlier, such is life. Anyhow, sorry I don't know the Halford family but remember my father, George mention the name, sorry again. I only met his uncle Arthur in 1977, a proper gentleman. Lots of broken links.....Have a great Christmas. TC
Tom Currivan20/12/2010Catherine, Tom Currivan, I'm trying to answer each question in order, so as to give as good an answer as possible, so bear with me...You mentioned Alfred, he was born 27 Dec 1896, married Margret Ryan, who died of TB, 1926, in the Meath Hospital and is buried in Glasnevin, thats the only Margret I have info on. John, my Grandfather was born 27 March 1897, married Elizabeth White. My father George, born 1925, died 2003, resides in Mount Gerome with my mother Esther Margareth Paisley, 13 Kids, 8 living.
Tom Currivan20/12/2010Catherine, again, Maimie, was born in 1900, married a Charles Stuart, they has 3 kids, George, Helen, who married George Sheppard, and Ian. Helen and George had Gary and Peter. Is that of any help?
Tom Currivan21/12/2010The earliest Currivan I have recorded is, John who married a Mary O'Moore in 1832, I found out, about 4 years ago that John's brother went to Australia back then and one of his offspring dropped in to my sister, in Tipperary, and compared family tree's, small world. Helen, I believe her she was, married to a Currivan. Happy Christmas. Tom.
ALAN HALFORD28/12/2010Hi Tom ,
Thanks for getting back to me.
My pal when growing up in Inchicore was Hilary or James Currivan.
Have not seen him for some time now.
What relation is he to you??
Good to talk with and a happy new year.
Alan Halford

Des Currivan02/07/2012Tom , Catherine
I'd love a copy of any Currivan Family tree/info. I'm putting together a comprehensive one starting from John Patrick, B 1823. especially the Australian link.
Des Currivan
Finbarr Roche04/03/2013Hi All
I am a Roche related to the Roche's of 30 South Terrace, the Holahan's of 5 South Terrace and the Murphy's of 5 Granite Terrace. A Roche brother and sister married a Murphy brother and sister? The Murphy's were originally from Neagh in Tipperary. Mary Killeen married a Currivan, who died and she then married Patrick J Murphy in1876 in Thurles. Mary's brother John Patrick Currivan married Louisa Perkins in Dublin 1894. Their children Alfred John 1896, John Thomas 1897, Mary Louisa 1899, George James 1901, Pierce Leo 1904, Arthur Albert 1905 and Margaret Lillian 1908. Does any of this ring a bell?
Regards Finbarr
Kathleen Currivan04/03/2013Hi, Finbarr,
John Patrick and Louisa were my husband's grandparents. Their son George was his dad.John came to Dublin from Tipp. to work in CIE (G.S.W.R) around 1900. He was a clerk in the railway.They lived in 26 North Terrace in latter times though they're in No.5 in the 1911 census.
Kathleen Currivan04/03/2013Sorry, the grandparents are located at no.3 Nth Terrace in the census and John obviously came to Dublin a good while before 1900! I recall hearing that Louisa was from Inchicore. Her people were in the railway too.
Finbarr Roche04/03/2013Hi
The information I have on John Patricks brothers and sisters is as follows: Patrick died 26/11/1916, James birth 1826 - died 13/04/1882 in Dublin, Agnes married John Gibles 12/08/1878 in Birkenhead, Margaret Kate (Lizzie?) went to USA 24/05/1882 - died 19/05/1922 Chester, Mary as per previous message, Mary Ann died 11/11/1880 Chester and I also have a Joseph died 18/07/1922? Hope this of some help. Also if you log onto the Dublin City Library, Pearse Street website the have the Dublin 1938/40 Voters Register up on it and you do a search (free) to see where your relations lived at that time.
Regards Finbarr
Kathleen Currivan08/03/2013That's great information, Finbarr!
Pat (Rocky) McMahon25/03/2013Hi Tom,
I have been looking to contact you for quite some time now. I do hope you and the family are well. Alot of water has flown under the bridge since we last spoke. Dont forget my email address is It would be marvelous to hear from you.
Mike O'Sullivan28/10/2013HI

Just found this site by chance. James Currivan, referred to by Finbar, was my GGGrandfather. I have his army records but news to me that he died in Dublin on 13/4/1880. I had him living in Chester with his brother Patrick in 1881 but had then lost track of him. Grateful for anything else you may have.
Catherine(Kathleen) Currivan29/10/2013Hi Mike,
My husband is James Currivan too, though he's known by his second name,Hilary. Same as your GGGrandfather. His grandfather came up to Inchicore fromTipperary to work in the GSWR at the turn of the century (the turn before last!). and lived in North Terrace down the road. We're still here in the CIE Estate!
Paul Welsh01/04/2014A project at St Weburghs Church, Chester is attempting to trace the stories of the soldiers names on the memorial. One of the names is Patrick Currivan, what is puzzling is that he did not die in WW1 but in Chester (he was too old to serve in WW1)

We have some details for Patrick Currivan but a lot of gaps in the story!

This is what we know so far:
b Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland and died in Chester aged 89 in 1917 (or possibly 26/11/1916)
Believed to have been living in Chester with his brother (James Currivan) in 1881.
He joined the 86th Foot as a boy in October 1841 and served until 1867 attaining the rank of Sgt Maj.

Many thanks,

Paul Welsh (on behalf of Catherine Welsh)
Shirley Currivan25/06/2014Hello. I've been doing our family history for a couple of years, and just come across your forum. Patrick Currivan was my Gt Gt Grandfather and lived in Chester from approx. 1869 Lived with his wife Mary Ann nee Maloney in Chester Barracks until 1886.They had a total of 9 children until Mary Ann's death in 1880 following given birth to their last child. He remarried in 1888 to Margaret Richmond and had a further two children. My stem of the family comes from his second child Patrick who was born in 1865 in Gibralter. Patrick senior was buried with full military honours , coffin was marched thru Chester draped in flag led by firing party and volleys and last post was sounded at the grave. He was described as Last Chester veteran of Indian Mutiny in Chester Newspaper obituary.
tom currivan03/04/2015Long absence. Best wishes to all. Rocky, im still kicking, sorry for long delay in replying, old soldiers never die, we just fade away. Regards to Angy and kin. All the Currivans, hope you're all well. Will do my best to give you info on family tree. Ok. Fair play to all in Inchicore, read Dubs. Love to all. Tom
tom currivan03/04/2015Paul Welsh, and Shirley. I will do my best to fwd family tree. I know nothing about computers so will recruit someone to assist. Hope its of some use. any musicians in the family tree? Where does it come from? Any singers, musicians? Regards Tom
fran branagan03/04/2015i remember there was a tighe lived on new rd in the bunglows facing the green, i think they lived in No 13
tom currivan11/04/2015will have all family tree available before June. Tom Currivan
ger22/02/2016My Grandmother lived at 4 Ethna Terrace in 1898
is this house still there and who were the owners
Joe Kelly20/03/2016Ger my Ggf died there on St Patricks day 1892.
Olive Currivan 29/06/2016Hi all , my name is Olive Currivan From Bluebell, Dublin 12. My great grandfather was John Currivan. I had the pleasure of meeting his youngest brother Dessie Currivan of no.26 North Terrace in 1986 to start a family tree from John currivan's family. His one and only son was my grandfather. Through meeting Dessie he helped me piece together my family tree, including photos of my great great grandparents, John Patrick Currivan and Louisa Perkins. The search led me to Bluebell Cemetery where there is a Currivan plot, where my great grandfather John Currivan is Laid to rest with other family members. I made a family tree with the help from my father George Currivan, I was 16 at the time as part of a school project on family trees, this was circulated to family members, one which was given to Dessie Currivan as a present for all his help as it couldn't have been done without his information. Over time this family tree got lost , if anybody has a copy of this family tree or information about it please let me know at my gmail, , thank you