Poem by Angeo Verga

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Michael O'Flanagan20/07/2009Angelo Verga, the celebrated New York poet, is coming to read in Inchicore on 30th July. This is a sample of his poetry.


There are a few of them every September
Days so exquisite they hurt
Cool morning hot afternoon, dry, with just a hint of wind
And if you are lucky one of them is a Sunday
Or some other day you can steal
Outdoors, this one is a long bicycle ride north
Meet you at 79th street and wheel together south
To Battery Park and the smell of salt on the water.

Your skin is reddish & brown, your hair thick curls
All tangled by the wind and sun and sweat.
I’m neither thirsty nor hungry
We talk as we roll south. At my age how often
Am I going to have such a day? My body working
Perfectly, a beautiful woman laughing at everything I say.
There are some days so superb they hurt
But such ache I wouldn’t mind having

A hundred, a thousand more times.
Catherine Currivan25/02/2011You almost feel you're there! The life force transcending doom and gloom!