Poem by the Late Maire Moynihan

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Michael O'Flanagan13/07/2009This is a poem by the late Maire Moynihan of Southern Cross Avenue Inchicore who died on 12th June 2009.


We raked our fires we swept the hearth
We went away and then came back
We brought the cinders one by one
And gave them to the man in blue

He roared he bawled he gritted his teeth
And somehow my word were those words sweet
He brought the cinders to the bank and
On the way he dropped the sack

The sack with cinders full galore
Were put in the cinderbank at Inchicore.
Catherine Currivan13/07/2009Where was the cinderbank, I wonder?
Catherine Currivan20/07/2009Who is "the man in blue" in this verse?
Is the poem a metaphor?
Michael O'Flanagan20/07/2009Most modern poems are or contain metaphors. However, I'm sure Maire had a particular man in mind when she wrote the poem. Alas, too late to ask her now! I have discussed the whereabouts of the cinder bank with several old-timers and I'm getting conflicting reports and I'm too young to remember it myself. I'll get back to you on this later. Michael O'Flanagan, editor of Riposte