The barking dogs

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AP13/07/2009Anyone living in and around the Grattan Court part of Inchicore who has not been affected by the persistent yapping and whining of two new dogs to the area must be very heavy sleepers and I salute you. For the rest of us however this is proving to be a regular annoyance 7 days a week. One of the dogs begins his chorus at 6am and continues intermittently throughout the day. The other will usually begin with a whine at around 8 am and progress to full bark by 9 / 10 am.

Having spoken to the counsel, their only course of recommended action is full on court proceedings which personally I think at this early stage is a little heavy handed. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the situation especially as with one of the dogs I can't be certain where exactly it is residing.
Just found out where the 6am yappy dog lives and it turns out that it happens to be tied on a long lead to an outdoor wall in the apartments that back onto Grattan Court. Owners must let it out and tie it up when they leave for work and it just yaps all day.
Alan C13/07/2009AP your investigations have probably solved your problem.
Dublin City Council have bylaws in place banning dogs from Apartment buildings. The Management companies and leases also ban dogs in all apartments. You will just need to find out which apartment number it is and contact DCC and the Apartment Management company.
You could of course also contact the DSPCA if you think the dogs are at harm.
You will need the address first I would expect.
CH15/07/2009The best course of action is to contact the DSPCA. As far as I know they will call out and investigate without the need for you to know the exact apartment number.