All thing must pass, including

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Paul03/03/2020After almost 20 years on the go, will cease operations this coming weekend.

Over this period, the website has provided a forum for people interested in Inchicore and Kilmainham to exchange views and connect with each other.

In recent years, however, I haven't had any time to devote to it. Efforts to pass on the maintenance of the site to others came to nothing.

So it is with sadness that the website with close soon. Many thanks to all who helped and contributed over the years.

Elaine03/03/2020Hello Paul. Just a note to say thank you for your work on the site over the years. I have found it a useful forum to dip into, and occasionally contribute.

I've recently moved away from Inchicore myself, and just happened to open this page.
Andrew03/03/2020Forum is a great resource, sorry to see it finish. Anybody interested in meeting in Insomnia sometime to discuss the options for keeping something like this going?
Ken03/03/2020Sorry to see that this site is coming to an end. I would be interested in helping keeping it going if possible.
M10/03/2020Thank you for your work Paul
Kgm13/03/2020Thanks for hosting us
Carina 29/03/2020Is there anyway we could keep the site going? I'd donate money if that's what's needed?
David30/03/2020If money is needed, I will also make a contribution. This forum is needed.
Cathal Lyons30/03/2020I would also be interested in making a donation.
K.Egan30/03/2020This site is a great resource esp in these times and would be of a great benefit to keep going....any ideas.....
Esp as we are all at home and imperative to know whats going on locally.
Conor03/04/2020Moderating a website such as this is very difficult and puts the controller of the website at risk of being sued for things like defamation, breach of privacy, GDPR. For example, comments are regularly made on this website about identified persons and alleging they are engaged in crime.