Looking for this man to return an item he dropped

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Kati23/01/2020Hi does anyone know this man or his dog? He dropped an item and I'm sure he'd like it back. Thank god we were recording our dogs as he went past so we have his and his dogs photos.


Many thanks
MM24/01/2020That link doesn't seem to work?
Kati25/01/2020I don't know why it's not clickable. If you copy and paste it into your browser it should work. Thanks for taking the tim eto reply.
Genuine25/01/2020Hi Kati, I clicked the link, and can see the man and his dog perfectly.

Was the item he dropped brown in colour?
MM25/01/2020Ahh, I get it now........
Kati26/01/2020I'd rather not say what he dropped just so I can be sure it's him if I hear from someone claiming to be him. Thanks for clicking the link and checking if you knew him.
C.D.31/01/2020If he dropped something which caused you concern why didn't you call him, given you had the time to take photographs of him and his dog? Did you obtain legal permission to take photographs and publish them on various websites? There are laws pertaining to publishing images online.

MM31/01/2020OMG. I give up.
Kati03/02/2020We were recording our dogs as he walked past. By the time we noticed that he'd dropped something he was too far away to call back. If he wants to press charges about us 'publishing' his photo online then we can pass him the item he dropped at the same time.