Safety alert Drimnagh Luas stop overpass & Goldenbridge cemetery

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Gabriela06/01/2020Group of about ten 12 to 17 year old male youths on foot and some on bikes are loitering along St.Vincent road; around Goldenbridge Cemetery; Drimnagh Luas pedestrian bridge looking for an oportunity to physically assault people with aim to take their property: bikes; wallets; bacpacks.

I was there today at 5pm when they punched a foreign national student ( Malaysian ) until he bled from nose and lips. I was on bike and kept shouting at them to leave him alone. Considering myself and the student very lucky; they did leave.

I called Gardai and while we were waiting i helped to clean the blood off the boys face and hands.


When i ve asked which Luas stops are safe i was told Currently unsafe stretch of the canal is from Rialto to Bluebell where this group of boys are being seen.

Please keep safe! Let other people know.

Is there an Inchicore Neighbourhood Watch?
MM06/01/2020This group has been running riot for months now unfortunately. They are a group of feral thugs. Keep calling the Gardaí please as they are very aware of the situation. Also it's important to dial 999 as opposed to Kilmainham as there is only one patrol car there.
Call Garda at 999
if you see a group of male youths loitering in the area
this call is logged as a ‘low priority call’ and alerts Garda
to direct a patrol vehicle in the area to the location

K.Egan08/01/2020Sounds like same ones that knocked 2 guys off bikes think in December. I would imagine that Gardai know who these are, 2 brothers from Drimnagh no doubt included , so why haven't they done something about it. Telling people not to get off luas from rialto to bluebell not very helpful is it?
Disgraceful carry on and is being tolerated instead of "ring us when you are on the ground and bleeding"
Paul10/01/2020Published in newspaper as well.

Shame on Garda, why can't they take any action though it's same group troubling everywhere from Rialto to Black horse
Yaman12/01/2020I want to bring back up this point:

> Is there an Inchicore Neighbourhood Watch?

Even a simple WhatsApp group where people notify others of these gangs could be very useful.
Ángel18/01/2020Wow I’m shocked the Gardai’s response is to not get off at certain luas stops, this is disgraceful we cannot let these people take control of our area, we should organise a neighbourhood watch group as suggested above or a protest at the dáil or garda station, this can seriously get out of control
James Connolly19/01/2020This is out of control already. The aggression of people on the red luas is unbelievable. Dublin is a dump and the levels of violence are horrific when compared with European capital cities. I cannot recommend Ireland to anybody, quite frankly! Dublin is notable for violence, aggression, ignorance, anti-social behaviour, alcohol abuse, drug abuse. Homelessness in Ireland is out of control and the corrupt government continues to deny it. That poor man from Eritrea was trying to sleep in a tent along the canal, for safety, as the so-called "emergency accommodation" is a dangerous place, with no privacy or safety. Irish government giving "eviction notice" to people living in tents is criminality. Irish government are the ones responsible for this level of danger on the streets of Ireland. Fine Gael/FF have a lot to answer for - Ireland USED to be a safe, decent country - those days are long gone!
Ferdia D.31/01/2020Again - ANOTHER attack at Luas stop closest to Inchicore - seriously dangerous area.


Woman left with serious injuries after being hit with scrambler at Luas stop
The incident took place at Drimnagh Luas Stop at around 1.45pm today.

GARDAÍ ARE INVESTIGATING a hit-and-run involving a scrambler bike at a Luas stop that has left a woman seriously injured.
This afternoon, Gardaí said they attended the scene of an incident where a woman, aged in her late 20s, was struck by a youth on a scrambler motorbike.
The incident took place at Drimnagh Luas Stop, Davitt Road, Dublin 12 at around 1.45pm.
Upon impact the motorbike and the youth went into the canal, Gardaí said.

The youth managed to swim to the side of the canal and left the scene on another motorbike. The woman was brought to St James Hospital with serious injuries.
Gardaí are appealing for any witnesses to the collision to contact them or any road users who were in the area and may have dash cam footage of the incident or at the time of the incident.
You can contact them at Sundrive Road Garda Station on 01 666 6600, the Garda Confidential Telephone Line on 1800 666 111 or any Garda station.

K.Egan31/01/2020Garda know who the scumbags are, same ones causing mayhem along the canal and inchicore.
How many more people will be attacked/ fatally injured before anything is done?

Grace03/02/2020Public meeting re; antisocial behaviour along the canal at Beara Hall Tuesday 4th Feb 8pm.
Representatives from Gardaí, Canal policing forums, Luas & Dublin City council will be in attendance.