Fox and Geese and Red Cow areas in the Fifties and Sixties

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Catherine Currivan08/07/2009I know it's a bit outside of the area, but does anyone remember a couple of people who used to frequent the above (and Knockmitten Lane) back then?. I supppose you'd call them "transients" nowadays.There was an elderly woman named "Mary",originally from Kildare. She was literally a bag lady, carrying most of her possessions with her. I think she was based in some hostel in town.There was a guy named Charlie Wheeler who had some connection with Stewart's Hospital, originally from Belfast, I think.Everyone knew them. They used to drop into people's houses for a cup of tea. Great times !
Orla31/07/2009the gentleman who runs the olde pharmacy in inchicore (Boles I think) might remember. He's been living in the area for a very long time - he even remembers sheep walking past the door!