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Joe S06/07/2009I had a walk around Grattan Crescent park (which is a lovely liitle park) last evening and must say i was appalled at the rubbish that is in there. Loads of empty beer bottles and even used nappies. What is it with some people? It really is sad to see. I know i will always pick up any rubbish on the ground and put it in a bin but besides that what else can be done. I've seen some signs recently on the Black Lion and the Working mans club about an anti litter campaign but how succesfull will it be. Anybody got an opinions or ideas that could be done to improve this? It's such a shame because it would make such a big differenceto Inchicore i believe.
Elaine07/08/2009In relation to litter, I'm sure that anyone living around the Spa Road/Thomas Davis Street section of Inchicore will have noticed the amount of litter which is regularly strewn along Spa Road.

Does anyone know why this road in particular has such a problem? It creates a very poor impression, as Spa Road is used to access a number of different estates.
Alan C08/08/2009I used to live there, and at the time most of the litter on the street came from the yard at the rear of the units along Emmet Road, where Jamal 5-in-1 is now and So Kee Ko. Catherine Byrne TD (when she was councillor) complained to the owners and reported them and then they covered the gate entrance to the courtyard to hide the litter and they did a big cleanup as the litter wardens were on their back. Might be worth contacting Catherine again, or her daughter Claire who is now a local councillor and they will be able to help again.
Melanie Adams08/08/2009I live opposite the yard mentioned above and am sure the litter is not coming from there. The gates are kept locked unless a vehicle is actually exiting/entering.
It's more people who have walked or driven to Eurospa or visited one of the takeaways and are hanging around/walking up Spa Road.
Jayne10/08/2009I think it's an Irish problem with litter. People don't care. I was walking from the Luas the other day when i saw a young child with her mother throw paper wrapping on the ground. I did say it to the mother and I got a "mind you own fing business" and off she walked. I must say up around that area is really bad. I don't know what can be done to change this attitude. Must be a lack of education or something.
Joe S10/08/2009I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is upset with this. I have contacted the council about this and to be fair they have been good about it. In fact they carried out a good clean up of the ara next to the Kebab shop and electrical place recently however i walked passed it yesterday and noticed 2 bags of rubbish dumped there again including nappies. Makes one despair!

And Jayne i agree re the parents of some of these kids they set an awful example...
Alan C10/08/2009The best way to educate people about this issue is to get them involved.

Ideally we should organise regular "Green Days" where locals are asked to clean up their street (sweeping, weeding, collecting litter etc), and if local schools where involved children would learn to respect the environment more and would have some ownership and pride in the local environment.
This would also be a good oppertunity to do a good spring clean, but would need the backing of a local organisation.
There's also the oppertunity for sponsorship etc.

Anyone insterested?
Ian 11/08/2009In our complex we regularly get together to clean the streets around us. Not only does it look great when we are finished we have also gotten to know the neighbours as such. If you contact the DCC in Kilmainham they are very good in providing gloves bags shovels etc...the only heartbreaking thing is that after the cleanup the rubbish seems to re appear very quickly it can be a litttle Demoralising ...
Gary18/05/2010I moved into Inchicore some years ago and I am appalled at how dirty Inchicore people are. They throw their rubbish away without and consideration. From what I have witnessed it is the children and young people who are the biggest offenders outside places like Euro Spar. The children in the area are completly uneducated about littering by both their schools and their parents. Dirty dirty shameful Inchicore people.
Mary Mc18/05/2010It is not the people born and reared in Inchicore that are dirty, it is the people who come from other areas and only stay a short here.
yvette Kelly19/05/2010I agree it is the young single mothers that are renting places in places like Tramyard that are causing the problems with litter. A lot of these don't even get dressed, they are in pyjamas all day. There are a lot of decent people in Inchicore who took pride in their area. You can't say we are dirty here, it is the blow ins who leave after a while
Peter19/05/2010Ok, we can point the finger of blame in various directions, and who knows?

More usefully, we can do something about the problem, by asking kids and even adults not to litter, getting on to the council when the bins are full, lobbying politicians for more cleansing runs and visits by litter wardens, pressing to have eyesores removed like the vacant space in the village by the car garage, etc etc.
Me19/05/2010I hate litter and people who litter. However I don't think its advisable to tell either kids or adults not to litter. This is anywhere not just in Inchicore. The type of people that blatently throw rubbish on the ground won't care, and indeed might react very agressively.
Melanie19/05/2010I find the idea that people litter because of where they are from foolish and somewhat prejudiced. The values people hold make them care about their enviroment or not.
I own and live in an apartment in the Tramyard. I have never seen girls in their pajamas inside the Tramyard or my block. However their are plenty on Spa Road, walking down to the Spar.
Their are also no single mothers in my block, but some very nice friendly young families both Polish and Indian who I can not imagine littering.
Anti-social behaviour is to do with who you are not where you're from.