Man walking two French bulldogs

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Kieran08/10/2019There is a chubby man I've seen about the place walking 2 French bulldogs. I was crossing the road the other day at the junction of Spa Road and Thomas Davis St West - he almost ran me over in his car and then beeped at me. I walked over to him to ask him what his problem was, because I had right of way as a pedestrian, and he threatened to "batter" me. If anybody knows him, I would just like to point out that I have a copy of the rules of the road at home and I'd be delighted to give him a few lessons, for free, since he hasn't quite figured out how to drive yet :)
K.Egan11/10/2019Was the chubster driving a red car?
Kieran 12/10/2019Yes! I think