Funto Pizza

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Kgm06/08/2019New pizza place opening where Oliva used to be. Another welcome addition to the neighbourhood :)
Robert06/08/2019I'm excited to see this one as well! As far as I know the owner is a Croatian and plans o serve Croatian Burek as well.

I'm having my fingers crossed that this will turn into decent place to have a pizza (or Croatian food one day) rather than another take-away spot.

I'd be happy to visit when it is opened.
Shea Carroll 03/09/2019Checked out their menu online. 13 pizzas priced at 19.00?. Menu is too big & varied to be fresh. Also cardinal sin of sweet corn & pineapple on a pizza! Italian it ain't. But where are they going with their prices? Oh forgot to mention they do hot dogs ( with black pudding! ) as well. Bizarre combinations all round.
Kgm12/09/2019Baffled by the pricing too. 16 quid for a margherita? Place won't last a wet week with those prices.
C12/09/2019There's no menu displayed outside yet and there don't seem to be any cheaper/smaller pizzas for kids. Very bare look to the place. Hope they do well but I'll stick with Rascals for pizza.
Rg15/09/2019Between the tacky red sign and huge topping selection it seems to be just another pizza takeaway.
Theres nothing new or unique about it and the last thing inchicore needs is ANOTHER takeaway. I wonder did they do any market research at all?
K.Egan25/09/2019My exact thoughts, no market research, unfortunately do not think this establishment will last.
Menu and decor not inviting at all.
CL26/09/2019Perhaps you are not the market segment the company is after. There might be a good trade in quality take away pizza within 10mins from the shop. They might have put all the work into building a very efficient kitchen with enough capacity to cater for the demand. I haven't tried the place yet and agree with the comments above it does not look inviting to pop in for a meal but for takeaway you just need to be able to send out good pizza.