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Gerry Mc Geough24/06/2009Much is being made of the plan for a station in inchicore and the pros and cons of its location in the works. My own feeling is that an underground station should serve the village directly.
The advantage of underground stations lies in the emergence of the user from the platform to daylight into a working village envoirment. The option for the works while possibly less expensive in the short term leaves the user emerging in a very different envoirment and the future problems with 'long lane' access.
Best planning long term ,would see a state of the art station in the heart of the village bringing our long suffering village into a neighbourhood that can once more flourish.
What do you think?
Mark Nutley25/06/2009I think the view you have expressed on this is spot on, Gerry. Best practice as I understand it dictates that stations are placed where footfall (pedestrian traffic) is highest. That means in the village. The disruption caused in the village during construction is the price that has to be paid to put in place a piece of infrastructure that will serve the maximum numbers of people for many years to come. A station hidden away in the Works might cause less disruption short term, but long term it will be a "ghost station".
Alan C25/06/2009I feel I've had my say on this already.
I just want to support you both as I also strongly feel the station needs to be underground and in the village to work properly.

Indeed it would be a ghost station at night if it is built in the proposed location.
What a waste of money that would be.

John Farrelly25/06/2009Would certainly support a station in the village, its the only place that makes sense. I wonder are these views being reflected by "Inchicore on track" or are they only concerned with the negative effect it might have on the CIE residents during construction?
Local Resident25/06/2009I'm not sure if a station in the village is the only place that makes sense. A station in the lands at the CIE Inchicore Works is not a bad idea. As long as it is located in the eastern part of the Works it wouldn't be too far from the Village. The area of Inchicore in the vicinity of Bulfin Road (Bulfin Estate etc) already has the luas line right beside it, so they don't need a station.

Lets say the station was located in the Village... how much extra would this cost ? where exactly would it be located ?

I've been told that CIE are considering moving the underground line further north so that a "vent" is adjacent to memorial park. This is in response to concerns from residents on inchicore road why don't want the vent in their vicinity.

If the line was moved further north to accomodate the concerns of the inchicore road residents then would the line not be taking a very sharp bend to turn towards inchicore village ?
John Farrelly30/06/2009I live on Inchicore Road and I would be willing to take a small vent located in our vicinity for a station down the road as would most people im sure, short term pain long term gain.
Mark Nutley30/06/2009Hi John, Before you commit to anything on the position of a vent I recommend you do a little research on the scale of what's involved. The proposed "vent", as I understand it, is actually an emergency entrance/exit, not just a vent. It is a far from small. I'm afraid I don't know precise dimensions. It would be used in case of a fire in the tunnel, for example. Obviously a vital element of the design but with long term implications for anybody who has it in their back garden.

Some of your fellow residents on Inchicore Road have more details. I'd recommend you talk to them.

I think most of us are willing to pay a short term cost for long term gain but in terms of the location of the vent there will be a long term cost as well.

In relation to the extra cost of a station in the Village as referred to by the other contributor, I'm afraid we don't know that. Just as we don't know the extra cost of extending the line to Inchicore from Heuston as Irish Rail refuse to give any information in relation to cost. They consider this "commercially sensitive". Anyway, as far as I know they have not given any consideration to a station in the village, so presumably they haven't costed it.
John Farrelly06/07/2009Given the frequency of trains that will be used on this route it may be necessary to build two stations, one in Inchicore and one in Ballyfermot which could also be a stop for the Luas line to Lucan. If you look at the stations on the Kildare line route there are very few stations.
Resident 107/07/2009I think it is important to maintain some realism. It is highly unlikely that IR will change their plans in relation to location of stations. If IOT start to campaign also for more stations it will undermine any representations in relation to location of the statement.
Louise07/07/2009I am in the process of buying a house on Inchicore road (the Belfry). Just wondering does anyone know the impact/ if any of the proposed new DART line on the residents? I have looked at the plans, especially those for the the tunnel and vent going from St. John of God up to Inchicore, and it looks like it will be quite near, but not sure what effect tihs will have.

Also agree it would be a lot more beneficial to have a station in the village. would it be safe to walk alone from the old CIE works back into the village?
Catherine Currivan08/07/2009At that stage it would surely be a much busier place-more pedestrian traffic around, appropriate lighting during hours of darkness and other changes warranted by such an innovative project.
Mark Nutley08/07/2009It may be necessary to maintain some realism. But it is also important to maintain the ambition to find the best solution possible for the long term. To explore all the options. This has not been done, in my opinion.

Access to the proposed Station is not good. No matter how well lit. It won't serve the Village well. Inchicore deserves a well thought out solution. Not a short-sighted, hasty one.
Catherine Currivan09/07/2009If the proposed plan were to go through, would we be able to gain access to the new station through the entrance where the security office is situated now,("the main gate") ?
Mark Nutley09/07/2009No. To the best of my knowledge, this would still be the entrance to the CIE Works and would be the position of the over-ground section of the tunnel.

Local Resident09/07/2009Catherine, to answer your question, when the Station is built, the current entrance to the works (the "main gate") will be one of the pedestrian entrances to the Inchicore Dart Station.

The CIE proposal can be viewed at the following link (just type it into your internet explorer browser):

Then scroll down the page anc click on "21. Proposed Access Routes at Inchicore Station".

This gives you a map with the proposed access routes.

The pedestrian routes are yellow. The vehicular access routes are blue.

The solid yellow line will be for normal CIE traffic to the Works (as currently it is) and for pedestrian access to the Inchicore Dart Station.

For your information, there will be pedestrian access to the Inchicore Dart Station from:
1. The works "main gate"
2. The footbridge at Sarsfield Road
3. St. Patricks Terrace / Abercorn Terrace
4. Tyrconnell Park
5. Railway Avenue
6. Jamestown Road

Now, to the best of my knowkledge, the following access routes will have vehicular access to the Station in addition to pedestrian access:
1. Tyrconnell Park
2. Jamestown Road
Mark Nutley09/07/2009Local Resident, You may be correct, and if you are I'm happy to stand corrected, but I'm pretty sure that on the night of the public meeting Irish Rail made it clear that this entrance would remain an entrance to the CIE Works, including pedestrian access for workers. But would not be for access to the station by passengers. For health and safety reason these entrances must be separate.

So what needs to be clarified is, Is this a pedestrian access route for workers or a Passenger entrance for the station.? The maps on the Irish Rail site you refer to draw no distinction between pedestrian and passenger access. If anybody has a definitive answer on this i'd be glad to hear it.

Catherine Currivan09/07/2009Thanks, Mark. Those maps make things very clear. It certainly would make things much more convenient for residents. if all this came to fruition. I found George's Villas a bit off the beaten track before I began to drive-the longish distance down the road, then the long wait for the bus. Progress is desirable.(but not at any cost)
Catherine Currivan10/07/2009Sorry, "Local Resident". I should have noticed that you provided the details of the maps. Thank you very much.
Alan C13/07/2009I was just looking at the plan for the proposed Intervention shaft (emergency exit) at memorial road and it strikes me as the most bizzare idea ever. It is basically an evacuation station with access to the road etc. Why not just build an underground station instead? It's almost as much work.

Is that not really crazy to overlook placing a station somewhere around here? like say in the village insead of this?