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Artemisia16/04/2019Can anybody advise from where is ringing the alarm at night which is constantly going off for hours? It can be heard in The Tramyard and is disturbing constantly, at night, for hours.
This should be stopped immediately, and I intend to make an official complaint. It's a nightmare trying to sleep.
Jonathan 29/04/2019Telephone the Guards. People allowing alarms to ring at night should be prosecuted. I've heard that alarm going off in Inchicore for hours at night - it's an absolute disgrace that the owner has no concern about disturbing and waking people living in this whole area. It's ringing now as I write at 2.30am.
Andrew 30/05/2019Listening to it now

Thursday 30th May.

Insanely annoying. Heading out now to find who’s place it is.
Andrew 30/05/2019Update

Ok guys so I ‘suspect’ this is Eurospar related?

I took a walk down through the electric gates and the noise was coming the yellow ish box on the wall of the turn down to the right to Eurospars car park area - so seemingly not residential related at all. They usually close around this time and funnily enough the alarm seems to kick off around 10pm ish too so my guess is this is the issue

Andrew11/06/2019Same story - right after Eurospar closes the alarm goes off

June 11th at 10.09pm