Question about Spa Road

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My husband and I are interested in a property in Spa Road, inchicore. I was looking for information and I found different posts speaking about Antisocial Behavior in the area.

Could you please kindly tell me if Spa Road is an unsafe area? (I did spend the last 30 minutes specifically looking for bad news, I might be biased now)

Should we reconsider our investment? (We haven't started the process yet but we liked the apartment. Berrys' court).

Thank you!
Keith07/12/2018I would not live on Spa road if I was given a property for free. We have an ongoing delinquent problem in Inchicore, often very serious, and much of the activity is focused around the Spa Road area. From stabbings and car jackinsg, to general abusive and nasty behaviour, feral youth are a permanent fixture of the area unfortunately.
Tramyard 108/12/2018I'm a resident in the Tramyard Apartments and my advice would be don't look at property as an investment. Its a home and if you like it, afford it and can see yourself being happy stuck living there if there is another recession soon. Then buy it.

About the anti social behaviour on Spa Road. I spend as little time as possible on the spa road myself. That's how I cope with it.

I believe the post office on the spa road is closing in January. This might make it less busy on dole days.

The plans for st Michael's Estate are to involve a new supermarket. So that could be a new spot for the local kids to loiter around.

But I agree with your concerns about the spa road. We have a major problem with local children and adults. You only have to walk from the eurospar to the drimnagh Luas stop to see it. It can be a shocking embarrassment at times. There is also a possibility that anti social behaviour is going to get worse with the st Michael's Estate development. It's potluck as to who is going to live there.

I am hoping things are going to get better, Inchicore is a good location and I think it has the potential to be a great place to live.