Ellen Hall

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Breda17/11/2018Can anyone tell me if Ellen Hall opposite Workman's Club is now rented to Simon Community. I was talking to someone who lived there and that is what they heard. I have no problem with homeless people but we have a big house on the canal beside the Croft nursing home with homeless people.
Gerard18/11/2018And you problem with the homeless in the big house on the canal?
Breda18/11/2018I have no problem with homeless people, I worked with them for years, but we are not informed about anything that is going on in Inchicore. A lot of homeless people were put into Tyrone Place and caused problems. The owner of Ellen Hall was chair of the business association but has moved to Kilmainham.
raymond18/11/2018Breda I totally understand what you are saying. I know you volunteered with homeless people, We are not informed about anything in Inchicore, I have no problem with homeless people housed in Inchicore but like you I know of several who caused problems. Bulfin Court even had a problem as DCC have to take so many off the homeless list. We lived right smack bang in the middle of all this. We are going to have a massive amount of apartments built on site of Michael's Estate,we have problems with Tyrone and Thornton Heights. Like you Breda I have attended meetings on plans but we are getting nowhere. I like you know the owner of Ellen Hall, enough said.
mick18/11/2018Yes I totally agree with Breda and Ray, We need to be informed what is going on in our locality. Some of these homeless shelters are great and some are a nightmare. A member of my family had a house with homeless people and they brought some people that were not that pleasant. Remember we are paying high mortgages and we should be informed. I too like Breda have volunteered with homeless people so we know what we are talking about.
Paddy19/11/2018Yes Inchicore needs a boost, we have a lot of anti social in our area. I am not saying all homeless people are trouble but we seem to get more and more into our area. Take Tyrconnell Road, a lot of homesless were put into houses and they are after ruining the road. Drug dens¬
Paul Kelly24/11/2018I asked a few people about this and yes Simon have put people in but hopefully people who are trying to improve their lives.
It is expected they will be monitored so I hope everything goes okay,I do agree with the other comments that we never hear anything . I heard that the plans for Michaels Estate are more or less a done deal.