Richmond Gastropub

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Matlock01/11/2018Inchicore suddenly has a new pub, where the Village Inn used to be. It looks nice - popped in yesterday evening - bright and clean, with a decent menu. It'll be good to have one more option for a sit-down meal in the village.

I can't find anything about it on social media, which is very odd in this day and age, especially considering the campaign Rascals are running further down Tyrconnell Road. Anyone have any more information?
C02/11/2018went in there for a bit last night and was very impressed with the place. Very cosy and the food was gorgeous. Super to see somewhere nice in the village. They have a Facebook page but no website yet.
Tim02/11/2018Sounds like it is worth a go. Might pop in over the weekend for a bite to eat.
Alyssa02/11/2018I'm so pleased to see some new businesses opening in the village. The pub looks great! Their facebook page has some further information and has a copy of their food menu
kathleen currivan02/11/2018What's it called so that we can check it out on Facebook?
Pat Kiernan02/11/2018It's called Richmond Gastropub.

Great news for the village. It's great to see new retail and service developments like this. All it takes is for us to support them. Shop Local as the old mantra goes. I'll pop in myself on Sunday.
Gmisk05/11/2018I called in yesterday for a few drinks, very nice inside I thought, the food looks really good as well, staff very friendly.
I can't find anything online at all...that seems like a big misstep.
I will defo be back.
Danny05/11/2018Popped in yesterday also. Have to be honest but I hate the look of the outside of it. Looks cheap and nasty and the name sign is too small. Looks like it was revamped on a budget of 99.99!

On the inside it's a bit dark. Pity they couldn't have saved the original floor to add a bit of colour and warmth. Decor is - interesting! Don't like the high tables and chairs but I'm guessing they're trying to appeal to a younger hipper crowd as opposed to the older ones with the bad hips!

We ordered food and it was excellent. Good menu and a nice selection of beers on tap. Staff seem friendly.

I hope it doesn't turn into a karaoke pub or a place where the local scobies congregate. We could do with a few more gastropubs/restaurants in the village. I hope it works out for them and I'll definitely be back.