Storage Heaters

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I live in the tramyard & my storage heaters have stopped working. All 3 of them are not getting any charge overnight. The last time they were used was March & they worked fine

Has anyone else had this problem recently?

Alan c29/10/2018Hi
I had this problem once, there is a small button/switch inside that cuts it out for safety if itís too hot.
You need to remove the cover of the storage heater and find the switch
It should be near the controls I think itís silver and you oust into position
Hope that helps
Alanc29/10/2018 Video showing how
John30/10/2018Hi Alan

Thank you for the response. I had come across that youtube clip before and followed the steps but when I did it to my 3 heaters and I didn't hear any "click" like the guy in the youtube clip mentioned.

I can see the Devireg-710 unit in my fuse box has 2 lights for day and night and they are just constantly flashing which doesn't seem right.

I also switched from ESB to Energia (keeping my nightsaver option) last week so I wonder could that have anything to do with it now not working?
LS08/11/2018Hi, I am also living in the tramyard and I am having the same problem. All were working fine up until a few weeks ago. I tried opening them up to see if I could reset them, but nothing happened. Have you managed to fix yours?
John12/11/2018Hi LS

Its best to get an electrician to have a look. My issue was the controller in the fuse box that controls the storage heaters had given up the ghost and stopped working therefore the storage heaters wouldn't work. Electrician had a look and fixed it
M16/11/2018Hi John,

I also live in Tramyard and my sitting room storage heater no longer works. I've had it mended twice, but have now given up and bought a convection heater from Argos