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James Carroll13/10/2018Hi guys. I'm not from Inchicore, I'm from Galway, but thinking about buying on Jamestown Rd. There is a lot of comments regarding antisocial behaviour in the general area, which has us worried. Is the area really unsafe? For example, would it be unsafe for my wife to walk to the Spar at 10pm?
Grace13/10/2018Personally I have never had any problems. Have often walked from Luas late at night or from the local pubs/restaurants without any issues at all. Inchicore is a lovely area to live in, very convenient to the city centre, great transport and a great community.
James Carroll13/10/2018Thanks a million Grace. I'm gathering as much info as I can, and this really helps
Lord14/10/2018Hi, you shouldn't have a problem if you're Irish, but Spar is just not a safe area.

Lookup this already deleted thread:
kEgan15/10/2018Hi James. I am also from Galway and purchased here some years ago and am in negative equity. I would not recommend Inchicore,( Kilmainham is safer)and I would not walk from Luas stop at night and only community I have seen are traveller gangs and junkies. A quick phone call to Kilmainham Gardai will tell you all about Inchicore, they have a community guard ask to speak to him and read the thread from previous comment , all true.
John Lynch 17/10/2018Peter Casey gets my vote for president, he can mention travellers but I canít mention the harm, hurt, agony they cause innocent Irish working people. I donít think Inchicore is anywhere different to anywhere else, they are a scourge on Irish people everywhere. My parents live in a very affluent area, if you have a spare million but itís still on lockdown from traveller gangs. The local kids canít go out, unless adults are with them but then they know your out and will rob anything, even the garden hose. Travellers are everywhere not just in Inchicore.
Ann17/10/2018I've lived in Inchicore for over 10 years (am from Cork). I've never had an issue in the area. I've often walked from the luas at night and felt safe. Inchicore is a great area with alot going for it and there are lots of young families raising kids in the area.
shop wise I would prefer to stick to Tesco or Londis on Tyreconnell road. Good luck with your decision.
Matlock21/10/2018Hi James. I'm also from Galway and have lived in Inchicore for four years. I find the area very safe. I have a dog so do a lot of walking around the area at all times of the day. I've never had any problems or incidents.
Matlock21/10/2018Having said that though, there are some gangs of threatening kids at the other (Spar) end of the village. I've witnessed very intimidating behaviour from kids as young as 10, and there are many worse incidents mentioned in another thread, so I tend to avoid that part of Inchicore, especially at night.

The anti-traveller comments in this thread are ugly bigotry and presented without evidence or basis in fact.