New Cafe / Food Shop in Inchicore?

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Ed Brophy31/05/2009A friend who runs a successful restaurant in the city centre is looking into opening a cafe / food shop in the village (like a mini Fallon & Byrne). Her main concern is whether there would be enough demand for something like this in Inchicore. Personally I think there definitely would, but I would be grateful if anyone else who would like to see something like this opening up in the village would let me know. Many thanks, Ed
Lou31/05/2009I have always thought there was a huge pent up demand for this type of a business in Inchicore village. Look at the anticipation the opening of the Enoteca engendered. The price points are important but there are a lot of people in Inchicore who would be supportive of a local business. People who now make runs into town for there yummies.
lou31/05/2009sorry that should read 'their' yummies :)
Alan C02/06/2009I think that is a fantastic idea. You would be surprised at the demand in the area for this type of food. Currently the Spar and Tesco in the village have very poor ranges of fruit & veg, and I know lots of people around that go to the Newmarket food co-op to get organic fresh fruit and veg and breads so it might be worth concidering this type of food.

On the restaurant/cafe front I would think you might need to concider your daytime trade and locate close to the tourist trail areound Kilmainham, there are no cafe's around there so it would be a good oppertunity I think.

Best of luck.
M Nutley02/06/2009A Shop/Cafe doing fresh Fruit and Veg would be a really good addition to the village.
Paul Cullen03/06/2009Most of Dublin's urban villages now have at least one good foodstore/cafe and it's Inchicore's loss that we don't have one.

I think there is a reasonable demand there but you'd always have to work on it. That means working on customer service, forging loyalty links with local communities, looking for business, lunchtime and tourist trade.

Obviously, the core business would be middle-class customers but I would say many of the older residents (not that they are middle-class or whatever) would appreciate a shop with a personal touch. So would I.
Danny Keleher05/06/2009Ed, I think that it's a great idea and, in my view, when considering that Inchicore is home for a large number of ABC1 middle-class households there appears to be sufficient local demand to make a venture such as that profitable. The Enoteca Torino is a good example and is doing great business.
Melanie 06/06/2009This is a great idea - I currently go into town to M&S for fruit and veg; Spa is low qualitity, Tesco's range limited.
Would make a big difference to the impression people get of Inchicore - too many takeaways.
Paul Cullen08/06/2009I know it's not exactly in Inchicore, but what about the units beside the Hilton for a good food shop? The developers there must be crying out for a tenant to bring a bit of life to the development.
Ed Brophy08/06/2009The only problem I see with locating in the Old Chocolate Factory development is that there would be less local footfall than in Inchicore village, although tourist traffic might compensate for this somewhat.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this thread so far; I am going to be talking to my friend later in the week on the local response, so if anyone else is interested, please let me know. Many thanks, Ed
John Farrelly08/06/2009Im not sure if there is the demand for such a venture. In 3 months the Superquinn in Hueston South Quarter will be open and Superquinn are renowned for fesh food etc
Paul Cullen08/06/2009That's a good point John, but I think it would be worth checking whether Superquinn is actually going ahead with this store. Planned stores in Rathgar and (somewhere else I can't think of) don't seem to have materialised and I reckon the company is in no financial position to expand just now.
Ed Brophy16/06/2009Paul - apparently the Superquinn store is definitely going ahead: they are anchor tenant in HSQ and are due to open in October.
Ronald McDonald17/06/2009If you want to make a sucessful business in Inchicore Village why not open a MacDonalds Franchise. Surely this would be a sucessful business venture?
Ed Brophy18/06/2009Thanks for this Ronald. Is there any chance that you are the popular clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain? If so, you may be slightly conflicted in promoting the opening of a McDonalds in Inchicore. However if it is just a coincidence, please accept my apologies and many thanks for your incisive post.
Ronald McDonald19/06/2009Da da da da da...... I'm lovin' it :)
evelyne phelan19/06/2009I am living in inchicore 2 years now and there is no decent coffee shop, or vegetable shop. There seems to be enough disposable income to support all the Take Away shops so any alternative to this kind of food would be welcome and indeed healthier.
Paul Cullen19/06/2009That's the great mystery of Inchicore village - half the shops are dirty and tumble-down, the other half, the spanking new ones, are empty. Why won't landlords reduce their rents to realistic levels? (Answer: cos the banks haven't put them under pressure on their loans - yet)
G. Travers28/06/2009Hi

I have a holiday rental apartment in Inchicore and I'm sure my guests would appreciate a good cafe and food store. Have often thought where can you go for a cup of coffe and a nice snack. Think it would be a great addition.
Fij16/07/2009I moved to Inchicore 2 years ago and have really noticed a gap in the market for such a shop. At the moment we spin into Listons on Camden street to pick up nice breads, fresh olives, cheese, some good wine etc.

Plus I really do think there is a major gap in the market for a fruit and veg shop, Along with a good cafe.

I will definitely be supporting the shop if it goes ahead.

AP20/07/2009Oh definely!! I've often thought of the feasability of this myself and the only 'problem' I can envisage is keep the stock secure from gangs of kids. The spar and tesco manage this by employing security companies so for a small business this might be quite difficult.

There is most certainly a need for a health / veg / deli style shop in the village, it would make such a refreshing change from more take-aways and greasy spoons.

Please keep us updated.
Elaine20/07/2009Hi. This strikes me as a good idea also.
I've lived in Inchicore for two years, and notice that the area is very well supplied in terms of take-aways, but lacks something more upmarket, or selling healthier food.
Given the number of newer, younger developments near the village, I'd imagine there should be interest.
To cater to such a market, though, they would need to stay open later in the evenings, to catch people on their way home from work.
Alan C24/07/2009Ed, do you know if this is going ahead?
There seems to be resounding support for the idea anyway.
Ed Brophy25/07/2009Alan - I am going to let my friend who is proposing this know about the level of interest from this forum. Hopefully this will sway her in the direction of proceeding with the shop. Will keep the forum posted with any further developments.
Fij30/07/2009Thats great Ed.
I hope she goes ahead with it. I'm sure she would get plenty of support from the community
John Farrelly31/07/2009Anyone know what is going on at The Old Chocolate Factory, there finally appears to be some fitting out of the Retail shop/offices at present?
CH31/07/2009Could it be a creche that's coming to the Old Chocolate Factory ? I hope it is ! It would be very handy. A few months ago Safari Childcare had a sign at the front saying they were coming soon...
alan C31/07/2009The Creche is already there CH, if you go down the steps you will see it and its open. They are fitting out some of the office space at the moment so I guess there is some company moving in soon. As for the retail unit, as far as I can see the workmen are just using it as a workshop and I see no indication that they are going to fit it out too, but who knows?
Alan C31/07/2009And in relation to the Cafe idea for Inchicore village, its worth knowing that Spar in Kilmainham are expanding and have a sign instore announcing that they will be opening an Insomnia there soon.
I dont think this would make any impact on the demand/business of a potential Cafe in Inchicore Village as they are far enough apart, but it does show that at least Spar can see that there is a business case for more Cafe's in the area.
Andrew26/08/2009Just to chip in my two cents: I would certainly support such a venture, for sure. There is nowhere to buy decent organic veg, or have a proper coffee. A deli is much needed. As regards locations - the Chocolate factory units across from Kilmainham Jail might be good - there is considerable tourist traffic there during the day - you see the crowds standing at the bus stop - if there was a cafe/deli across the road it would do very well. Maybe the revenue from tourists could allow it to stay open in to the evenign for locals coming back from work. Granted, this area pretty dead in the evening, but then you don't have issues with kids hanging around etc. I half thought of opening something myself there!